ar company nsocial. augmented reality company nsocial.

what does ar company nsocial do? what does ar company nsocial do?

Augmented reality company; is a storytelling and experience company. Brands or institutions apply to the AR company when they want to interactively communicate their existing or new products from their logos to their target audience. The Augmented Reality company, on the other hand, interacts with image processing, that is, image processing technology and 3D Animation technologies, by adopting the principle of "storytelling", using the cameras of smart devices, interactively without the need for any extra equipment. if there is a demand for an even more interactive experience, experience can be increased to the top with “Gamification” software.

what is augmented reality company? what is ar company?

the augmented reality company, the ar company or ar company, provides an unforgettable experience for brands and consumers, the brand; the project that they wants to communicate with is engraved with the metamorphosis marketing method to keep in mind the customers and potential customers. this causes the consumer to create positive perceptions such as reassuring, innovative, creative and technological.

we can answer the question of what is augmented reality, as the reflection of the shape displayed on the cameras of your smart devices or any object as information, content, questionnaire or visuals such as photographs, pictures, as an increased reflection on the screen. In other words, through the screen of the device in your palms, you will see a moment that is not real life coming true.

today, brands or institutions; working with the augmented reality company, who delivers their products / services to thier target audiences with AR experience. brands naturally prefer agencies that differentiated from rivals with their experiences as an ar company selection.

which points makes ar company nsocial differentiated?

2012 born Nsocial, is a global enriched experimental ar company who is operating in Lithuania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. As augmented reality company and ar company, we develop ar softwares and create ar contents for webAR, google augmented reality search results, ar live traffic data and ar app development in sectors such as Construction and Real Estate, Tourism, Sports, Municipalities and Official Institutions, Factory, Production, Education, Marketing, Retail, Logistics, Energy.

The difference of Augmented Reality company Nsocial is the unique combination of creativity and brand stories. On the one hand, while the messages given with the history of your brand or product are supported, on the other hand, we differentiate your product or service with the content and AR Software we produce. In short, we create a WoW effect on your target audience. as a summary, augmeted reality company nsocial enriches the experience.

some ar projects of nsocial

augmented reality for smart cities

For example, for Susiskiemo Paslaugos, Lithuania's passenger administration, by scanning the city card, Interactive City Card Augmented, showing which bus line, how many minutes passengers will go to any destination, the estimated travel time, the time to arrive at the stop where the bus they will take. We implemented our Reality project. In addition, passengers who have a balance on their city card can load their cards as well as see their 24-hour bus lines and schedules via the application.

augmented reality for destination marketing. augmented reality for tourism

destination marketing and tourism marketing is differentiated for us. it must be handled in 2 cases.

pre travel experience: includes all searches, readings, videos and all the contents that you can reach about the destination which "before you decide to go there" and "before you go there". this is called perception marketing.

during travel experience: includes all the experiences during you are already in the destination. for sure, visitors will impressed by museums, architecture, nature, lifestyle etc.. but for unforgettable destination marketing, cities have to maximise the enrich experiences on tourists.

where cities and destinations will be differentiated in both?

for pre travel experience: cities' tourism boards, municipalities, travel boards or tourism ministries have to decide the symbols or landmarks or monuments of the city. after that they can use google augmented reality search results to impress and convince the tourist to visit their destination. it's easy to do it and efficient. because all the searches are doing online via google. by using google ar search results, destination's symbol will be 3d modelled and integrated to augmented reality. next step is embeding to the domain of the tourism marketing platform. then this domain will be listed on google with augmented reality supported search result. so people will go to google and search the destination. google will suggest the ar search result of the destination and here it comes to your current location & surface. For bringing Eiffel Tower to your home or office, please touch here. Or brining Galata Tower where is the symbol of Istanbul, to your current location, please touch here.

google augmented reality search results tourism marketing

for integration of augmented reality in during travel experience: for example, when a tourist goes to a museum or goes to a monument of a city, he/she will want to learn more details about the monument or the piece of art. augmented reality will be a great asset for cities and here is the point where & how it can be used. cities can embed augmented reality modules and ar softwares to their current app. or they can use webAR with marker-based ar with a sticker next to piece of art or monument. when tourist scans the marker, museum & city & monument & piece of art will be alive and start to communicate with them by using 3d animations, 360 video productions, infographics, voiceovers, reccomendations, interactive maps, navigations and much more. for sure in multiple languages.

augmented reality for smart transportation. ar live traffic data

created for augmented reality in smart cities. augmented reality in public transport. ar live train map data. ar live bus data. ar live airport data.

google augmented reality search results for brands. augmented reality campaign for fmcg.

webAR will be a good solution for increasing the engagment and reach. because webAR doesn't need any apps to download or develop. just scan the marker and live the augmented reality experience. please try it from the below image, scan it and see it :]

webAR fmcg augmented reality

if we talk about augmented reality on automobiles or car marketing, you can touch here to see our example project. no apps. no downloads. just a single touch away.

Augmented Reality in Banking and Finance

For the augmented reality in banking experience, banks who want to offer credit offers can offer their credit offers with augmented reality by pouring money into the people's environment, and they can get credit information with call to action buttons!

You can check our Banking Google Augmented Reality Search Results from here.

Augmented Reality in Insurance

The user who wants to get a casco offer for augmented reality for insurance can get a casco offer by moving the 3D modeled accident car content to his environment by pressing the call to action buttons. Augmented reality campaigns can also be easily supported in TV or print ads.

You can check our Insurance Google Augmented Reality Search Results from here.

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ladies. gents. thanx for reading our ar story and how we do it all with all inhouse crew. if you have any ar projects, drop us an e-mail.