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The term “augmented reality” may sound very futuristic, but did you know that you’re already interacting with AR every day through Instagram Stories? if your brand is using the instagram platform as one of your main social channels, then we don’t need to tell you about how effective they can be for engaging your audience as well as attracting new followers on the Instagram platform. Last year it was reported that 500 million Instagram accounts used Instagram Stories on a daily basis. These Insta Stories have all sorts of fun and interactive features, one of which is Instagram AR filters. Augmented reality (AR) filters have been introduced to Instagram since 2017, but more recently the feature has found new momentum through parent company Facebook’s Spark AR Studio, a platform launched in August 2019 that allows users to create customized AR filters for Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Messenger and Portal. AR filters are composed by layering 3D models and various effects that are augmented into the real world through your phone’s camera. These Instagram AR filters are quite a bit different and are not to be confused with built-in image preset filters. The ones that change the overall look and colour of your photos before you publish them.

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using augmented reality with social media combination makes your brand socialized and experimental. Instagram Stories AR filters offer brands a fun and interactive away of reaching new users and building brand awareness, and we’re predicting this will be a hot new trend for 2019. One of the best example for instagram ar filter is coming from Pepsi. touch here to see the Pepsi's instagram AR filter campaign.

Let's talk about social media augmented reality shopping. In this video, I quickly explain how you can get the new 3D Dior Makeup "AR Makeup" Instagram filter. This is a new camera effect for Instagram that renders virtual animated makeup on your face using Augmented Reality technology. This effect is available on Dior Makeup Instagram. All you need to do is visit their profile, then tap the filter's tab and then search for the "AR Makeup" effect and tap on it. Dior Makeup Instagram profile page: Enjoy!


sparkAR is a powerful augmented reality software. From easy-to-use templates and asset libraries, to advanced customizations and controls, Spark AR Studio has all of the features and capabilities you need. Create and share augmented reality experiences that reach the billions of people using the Instagram & Facebook family of apps and devices.

Meet Augmented Reality Agency Nsocial if you have a webAR project with augmented reality via mobile browsers or website without the need for applications for your brand, or if you want to describe your product or service with Google Augmented Reality Search Results or instagram ar filters for your brand experience!