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Augmented Reality and social media platforms are becoming more and more integrated. In fact, the filters we know closely on Snapcat and Instagram are based on one-to-one augmented reality, augmented reality technology. Nowadays, with Youtube and Pinterest Lens and try –on features, it is signing projects targeting women and cosmetics sector. L'Oreal took a step in augmented reality technology with ModiFace on Facebook. In augmented reality technology, Twitter is still quiet.

YouTube’s AR ads allow you to try virtual makeup. With its impressive brand experiences on YouTube and display ads, MAC cosmetics is one of those who have turned this into a marketing campaign. Google, which also includes Youtube, will allow users to experiment with augmented reality makeup on YouTube. The idea is based on using the experience as an interactive advertisement; You're watching a beauty vlogger talking about a particular cosmetic brand, and a new “Virtual trial” feature will show you how you can look when you wear the product. MAC Cosmetics is the first brand to launch an AR Beauty Trial campaign.

Google positions the new feature as a way to attract more people's attention compared to a non-interactive video ad. The company says that 30 percent of people activate the AR experience and spend an average of 80 seconds on virtual lipstick during the test. As a three-dimensional, visual environment, augmented reality (AR) is a powerful tool for brands that want to tell consumers richer, more engaging stories about their products. We recently brought AR to Google products like Search and made updates to our developer platform ARCore to help creators develop more immersive experiences. Starting this week, we bring AR to YouTube and interactive 3D assets to display ads. Many consumers look for creators within YouTube for help when deciding on new products to purchase. And brands have been working with creators for a long time to connect with audiences. Brands and creators can now make this experience more personalized and useful for viewers in AR.

Today, it offers AR Beauty Trial, which allows viewers to try to make up almost as well as YouTube creators to get tips, product reviews and more. Thanks to machine learning, namely machine learning and AR technology, it offers realistic, virtual product samples that work on all skin tones. Currently the alpha AR Beauty Experiment is offered by Google's in-house branded content platform YouTube through FameBit. MAC Cosmetics is the first brand to partner with FameBit, which launched an AR Beauty Trial campaign. Using this new format, brands like MAC can take advantage of YouTube's live creator community, apply influencer campaigns to 2 billion monthly active users, and measure their results in real time.

It's a fact that Instagram gets closer to e-commerce. Let us mention that Instagram is the local shopping feature and is currently open to a small number of brands that can use AR shopping yet, but it is expected to be an incredibly important part of the trading platform. Facebook has made it clear that it sees Instagram as one of its important components for the future of commerce. Augmented reality adds a new dimension to Instagram shopping features. Brands that have a sales channel on Instagram, namely Instagram sales api, will be able to add a new augmented reality and experiment feature to their product pages. Initially, the new AR feature will be limited to cosmetics (Mac and Nars) and eyewear brands (Warby Parker and Ray-Ban). However, Instagram plans to make this app available for more products over time.

Feature summary; We can say that Instagram users have an idea by quickly trying the products on their faces. To try the products, you need to click on the relevant product in the brand's profile and select the "Try It On" filter below. Instagram users can click on the "Try It On" option to try the filter while viewing a product tagged in the brand's post, or try it with augmented reality filter before adding the product to your cart. You can share it with your friends through the screenshots that it takes, that is, with the screenshot, you can make your followers think about shopping. By adding its own shopping features and enabling users to interact with products, Instagram will be even more effective by attracting attention and shopping.

Facebook, on the other hand, comes up with an advertising model that we have seen in Snapchat so far. With augmented reality ads on Facebook, advertisers will now be able to enable users to experience the products. Facebook, who previously used augmented reality to draw attention to Messenger ads, decided to move this ad model to the News Feed. For now, let's say that Facebook augmented reality ads, which are only open to a group of advertisers, will appear normally in the news source at first. However, you can activate AR features by using the "press to try" option on the ad. After you move the products to augmented reality, you can also buy them if you like the product. Users will be able to try the makeup materials in the ads live on their faces. These interactive ads will only be available on Facebook's mobile app.

Let's also mention that the first brand to use Facebook augmented reality ads is Michael Kors.

Instagram Filters for brands

SparkAR, which is one of our technology partners in Augmented Reality (ar), allows us to create custom and tailor made instagram filters for brands. This allows to create enriched and memorable brand communication for your brand on social media. Your brand will be more "instagramablle" :]

Branded Instagram AR filters can range from face masks to scanning objects to unlock something or Instagram AR games controlled by blinking or moving your face.Spark AR Studio lets users create their own interactive AR filters.It’s easy for Instagram users to find these filters.

Sure, content is the king as always. Lets determine the creative scenario first for instagram filters for your brand. what about the effects? don't worry, we all handle.

AR effects can be used to promote brands and products on Instagram. Instagram filters will be also allow you to choose cathegories. Also the placements to the stories.

If your brand uses Instagram for business, you’re probably already aware that Instagram Stories is an effective way to engage with young users for interaction.

If your effect is promotional, you’ll need to let us know when you upload it to Spark AR Hub.

touch here for more about instagram ar filter.

Benefits of creating AR filters for Instagram Stories to brands

* it’s a great option for brands trying to reach younger individuals on Instagram.

* show off brand’s identity and image

* interactive socility

* connect with your audience: custom ar filters are the latest interactive element for instagram stories.

* media 1st and pr value: still a new feature, and not every brand is using them yet.

* allows customers to “try on” a product before making a purchase or “wear” a branded item of clothing.

* incorporate your brand’s logo or mascot into an AR filter.

* wom effect by user generated & shared content; when people share contents with your instagram filter, their followers (and potential new followers) will be awared to your brand.

* increase brand awareness

If you want to experience social media shopping with augmented reality for your brand, you can reach AR Agency Nsocial.