webAR works as browser based augmented reality platform.

what is webAR?

WebAR is exactly like augmented reality as you know it. Except it can be accessed directly from a mobile browser. No app, no downloads. Just a single click away. WebAR is on the rise, thanks to the biggest obstacle facing app-based AR. Augmented Reality recently provided the AR experience only through applications installed on mobile devices. Until WebAR browser-based augmented reality technology comes into our lives! WebAR refers to augmented reality experiences that are accessed through a web browser rather than an app. This means all you need is your smartphone or tablet and an internet connection, without having to download an app directly onto your phone. the webAR; It is the technology that we carry your products or services of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies modeled in 3D and 360 degrees via web-based browsers with camera activation without any application, to the environment of your customers or potential customers. Of course, webAR works by nature in mobile searches. Technology is actually logically simple. the webAR works within the combination of; Augmented Reality (AR), augmented reality words. Augmented reality has existed for a while now. However for the first time, it is now possible to utilize AR in browsers. New smartphone technology is allowing us to activate and deliver augmented realty experiences directly through website.

First of all, it realized the Web AR experience supported by Safari browser with Mozilla Firefox browser and now with Google Chrome 81. This means that the most used browsers are starting to support Augmented Reality experiences over the Web. To run browser-based augmented reality webAR, your smartphone must support ARCore and ARkit. Let's not mention that ARCore's phones with Android operating system and ARkit's smartphones with IOS operating system are browser-based augmented reality supporters. arcore; It should be noted that Android Nougat and above, ARkit is supported on IOS 11 and above operating systems. Let's try it here by scanning the QR code below!

webAR browser base augmented reality

The progressive development of web browser based applications eliminates the hardest step brands face, that is, mobile application downloads! Many brands that experience their products and services with Augmented Reality will reach their customers through their mobile sites, as the brands download their mobile applications and then offer their services, and because of the increasing number of mobile applications, it becomes more and more difficult. If you want to have a mobile AR experience for your brand, or even take a step forward and have an Augmented Reality experience in Google Augmented Reality Search Results, you can read our article here, but you can get an idea by following our playlist below before reading our article.

The AR experience on the website, that is, browser-based augmented reality or webAR working principle with the shortest name; When a 3D model file linked to any visual or link within the site is accessed via mobile browsers, the browser starts loading the 3D model file in the background. Then, after the Web AR compatible browser 3D file is defined, it opens the camera of the device and experiences the model as Augmented Reality. While minimizing the number of polygons, the 3D model consisting of millions of polygons, with our webAR rendering engine we developed, gives you an extraordinary experience in its realistic form without spoiling its quality.

We have developed features, which on a website indicates that it is possible to experience a product as a 3D model in AR, and with the click of a button in a browser on a mobile phone or tablet, the model can be placed in the real environment in front of the phone camera.

Benefits of webAR

* No app development and fee

* No app download

* No CDN and it's cost

* Browser base works

* New tech

* Simpliest way of AR

* Easy access

* PR and Media 1st Value

we have developed new project with augmented reality for live traffic data. this is useful for the smart cities and smart public transportaion. We namded our product as webAR live traffic traffic data.

n 2019, mobile-based webAR stepped up in a big way. By removing the pain point of consumers having to download an app to access the technology, mobile webAR opened the floodgates of AR to the masses, companies, brands, and campaigns. It’s in this light we expect to see webAR continue to separate itself from Native apps.

Meet Augmented Reality Agency Nsocial if you have a webAR project with augmented reality via mobile browsers or website without the need for applications for your brand, or if you want to describe your product or service with Google Augmented Reality Search Results experience!