augmented reality support sales

does ar create support sales?

As we know, we are living in the mobile era, especially in the field of E-Commerce, attracting attention with the advantages that answer the questions in the mind of consumers with visual shows. Augmented Reality, with the technical term, allows you to add a virtual product to your physical world using the cameras of phones and tablets. Simply put, when you look at the man, you can put a product within the limits of digital reality to the image you see. As AR Agency Nsocial, we will mention our augmented reality sales supporting and marketing communication projects. Our first example is both our digital and physical product, which we call mirrAR. It takes its name from the combination of the words mirror and augmented reality. You can experience the details of mirrAR, augmented reality retail solution that offers interactive shopping experience, from our link. mirrAR supports shopping in a fun, experiential and memorable way with augmented reality.

Many big brands now allow us to experience on your own without wearing the outfit thanks to this system in their stores. You look at the screen, the clothes you choose sit digitally on you. Disney has followed an interesting path in the sales of its films, such as Star Wars and Avengers, which have made huge gains in recent years. The company, which offers toys and collection products for sale with a special event, enabled you to take photos and videos side by side with the character you admire thanks to the QR code and special poster system it added to the stores.

Consumers Can Decorate Their Houses

The only reason why return and exchange rates are so high in the furniture, white goods and souvenirs industry, as consumers do not have the chance to try their suitability for their home while buying and buying a product. Customers cannot exactly fit the color or size of the seat they buy. Sometimes products have to be returned because of decoration mismatches after shopping. If you have an e-commerce or online sales channel, you can enable the consumer to start decoration preparations before making a purchase thanks to Augmented Reality. Thanks to the digital content you add to your site or mobile application, users can place the products they want to buy in their homes using their phones and tablets. Moreover, by integrating this into the Google search engine, you can experience it with webAR via the browser without having to download any application. We call this Google Augmented Reality Search Results. Since you have experience with Google augmented reality search results, you will increase your search engine performance as both your stay time on your site increases and your clicks will increase. He can experience the size of the product and its compatibility with other items in three dimensions, so that he can re-design his rooms and enjoy his shopping without any extra effort before the purchase begins.

Experiencing Product Not Yet Produced

It's almost impossible to imagine. Because that product has not been produced yet. It can be a car, a boat, a real estate. With Augmented Reality technology, you can review a product that is not yet on sale, launched and physically not in the world, dominate its details, or even move it to your home, garage, environment, office.

You Can Ensure The Products Are Tried And Prevent The Customer From Abandoning

Augmented Reality offers perhaps the best solution by eliminating the difference between merchandising and digital. E-Commerce wants to see how a product will physically stand on them or in their environment with digital experience on your site. If it cannot be experienced, it ensures that the product in the basket is canceled. Thanks to the digital experience module you will add to your site thanks to Augmented Reality, users can try a three-dimensional simulation of the product they dream of on their own or in their environment thanks to their photos or cameras. In this way, it satisfactorily tests the product's color, size, whether it suits your body, and its compatibility with other clothes it chooses.

Minimum Cost Maximum Profit

Augmented Reality is a technology developed to create consumer experience and keep consumer satisfaction and satisfaction at the highest level. E-Commerce causes the problems in the life cycle to disappear. When you give people the option to 'try and buy like that', there is little need to overcome the decision to give up, returns, changes and making the dissatisfied customer happy. In short, it gives you the chance to direct the human and time resources you spend for all these departments to more efficient jobs. Non-returning cargoes give you an advantage both economically and in time. Likewise, since happy customers will not complain, you can limit your customer relations department to a minimum of people. Of course, there are many more sales supporting elements. We can elaborate more by speaking and answer your questions as augmented reality agency Nsocial.