augmented reality real estate.

how to use augmented reality in real estate

More importantly, AR usage presents benefits as to customers so to real estate companies:

* Clients get more informative and visual proposals

* Real estate companies deal with clients that have a more clear vision on a possible deal

With the real estate sector and augmented reality technology, it is getting closer to each other day by day. The power of technology on real estate sales also increases over time. Virtual reality (vr) and augmented reality (ar) technology have opened millions of doors to professionals in the real estate marketing industry in different ways, ranging from online advertising to online lists and virtual tour. Each of these technologies facilitated a faster and smoother sale of real estate. You can read our vr Real Estate marketing with Virtual Reality, but on this page we will talk about real estate and augmented reality.

Let's begin to imagine the augmented reality technology we call AR. In projects that have not been built with augmented reality, you can examine the place to be built with AR in real time, in an interactive environment in a 3D environment at the location of the project. Or, you can get information about the project, videos, and rich content in an advertisement in printed media, catalogs, newspapers and magazines. You can even decorate your real estate with the AR application. You can order these products, furniture, carpets that you see on site.

Augmented Reality creates an experience. Real estate projects cannot offer much information to customers when they are 2D. Thanks to AR technology, which shows the best construction projects in 3D today, more real images can be offered to customers. In this technology, where a 2D image can be displayed in 3D, you can view the real estate project from every angle as if it is real and examine the layout of different floor plans.

Almost every real estate company still struggles when it comes to visualization of their catalog. The setbacks with all the tools in use are common:

* 3D models on mobile or desktop applications are interactive, and yet lack in full presentation

* Print text descriptions of apartments say nothing (or very little) to buyers

* Visiting each site along with customers is too time-consuming

* Photo ads are better, but still, you cannot show the whole realistic picture

With a single touch of the button, clients are able to all-angle AR models of any apartment of their interest. Without leaving the office or home, they may browse, compare and analyze flats/houses/offices in great detail. Moreover, they can also interact with it experiencing an ‘almost-present’ feeling.

Augmented Reality / AR and Virtual Reality (VR) are innovative solutions in the real estate industry. According to the results of the research, customers who can experience projects with AR and VR make more efforts to spread this experience to their environment. We call it WoM effect, namely Lip to Lip Marketing. This interaction brings you more reference customers over time. Therefore, you have the chance to get more interaction from your campaign prepared using these technologies. Nowadays, when many customers find an apartment or house they want, they try to send it to their loved ones via digital media. Adding to this an extraordinary 3D AR experience, the desire to share increases even more. You can make interactive presentations of your real estate projects with Augmented Reality Technology. Considering that AR applications can easily be used on smart phones, it becomes clear that it will be easier to deliver all the information about apartments and houses for sale to buyers. For example, you can prepare an interactive brochure and present it to potential customers in digital environment with AR technology.

Benefits of augmented reality in real estate

* Cleared understanding of products: with AR's features show apartments to clients, adjusting the style, furniture, surroundings, etc. along the way. accurately visualize large buildings through augmented 3D models. As a summary; augmented reality visualization works much better than both photos and videos with a text description.

* New marketing options: customers adore everything new, sci-fi and entertaining. clearly, real estate companies can fully use their interest for your own profit with this innovative tools to advertise and distribute the properties; new advertising possibilities,print catalogs and big boards with AR to be more interactive, geo-locate items on sale in the real world, so customers can discover for themselves.

* Customer engagement: augmented reality in real estate gets customers more involved and interested. when dealing with engaged potential customers, to turn them into real customers buying products and services.

* Realistically looking AR models allow clients to decide which real estate sites they do like and which they don’t.

* Exploring the AR catalog via a mobile app, clients may choose the site of interest even before going to the agency

* Less costly and saves time: most of the real estate clients want to visit apartments by themselves, before making the final decision about the purchase. While it hardly can be changed, ar in real estate may significantly lower the numbers of exploratory visits, that people need to form an initial opinion.

We can say that AR technology is impressive in terms of gaining investor customers. It is very effective to present 3D images of a project that does not exist yet to customers who want to invest in real estate projects. People tend to deposit more money than what they see and what they don't see. To use Augmented Reality in real estate marketing, simply launch an application on your smartphone or tablet and select the property you want to control. When you pick up and move your phone, you can go inside the door of the property and set how you can place the furniture. You can even try and see what color to paint the walls. You can also walk down the street where the property is located and browse through the neighborhood. In this way, you will provide a reliable and transparent service.

Users who will be able to view your brochure on their smartphone will be impressed by your 3D brochure. They make Augmented Reality technology more accessible, especially Google and Apple, and they want to have more say in this area. Both companies make it possible to prepare augmented reality software thanks to kits such as ARKit and ARCore. Moreover, without application, with browser-based webAR. You can even experience your Google search results with augmented reality technology. Real estate marketing and augmented reality can integrate residences of construction and real estate companies with digital marketing to Google, linking 360 degree 3D modeling of their real estate on their web pages and moving them to their own environment. Or in your catalogs, you can open the camera of your smartphones and scan a code and see the house you dream of.

In the last phase of the purchasing phase; how a house will look with furniture; or different drafts can be staged in advance thanks to the augmented reality for the villa project on a plot. Which will strongly affect the completion of the sales to the customer much easier.

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