augmented reality in sports

AR and VR role in Sports

Digital transformation in sports are insanely involving nowadays. augmented reality in sports industry brings vital and positive changes to fans and audience, training skills and marketing.

AR supports fans, sportsmen/sportswomen, clubs, federations, organisations and for sure stadiums/arenas. Augmented reality in sports is capable to improve the skills of athletes, reduce the risk of failures and injuries, as well as enhance the viewing experiences for the fans.

vr in sports and sports marketing brings fans to the another level of interaction and experience. Also vr is used for training. But in this article, we will share our experiences about using augmented reality in sports.

Augmented Reality in Broadcasting

augmented reality (AR) graphics tools help broadcasters tell complex stories in a way that is accessible to the average viewer while providing entertaining visuals that build viewer loyalty. Augmented reality graphics is one of the broadcast industry’s hottest trends — and there are a wide range of solutions that meet a variety of needs, equipment configurations and on-air looks and features to enhance the viewing experience. You can check some how augmented reality used in sports broadcasting. Barcelona vs PSG Champions League game or Bayern Munich's line up presentation in Bundesliga! Or cycling tours! Integration with all major 3D modeling applications including Cinema4D and Unreal Engine 4 give the designer creative freedom in creating scenes for any story. Broadcasters are constantly challenged to find ways to entertain and inform viewers whilst setting themselves apart from competitors. The use of AR in live broadcasts is a cost effective way to add production value to the broadcast while also providing the audience with clear and meaningful information. The system controls 3D virtual sets, augmented reality graphics, and mixed reality presentations for any production. Graphics can be created as part of a template-based workflow for the journalist in the newsroom. Integration with any tracking system give broadcasters ultimate flexibility to creating AR graphics in any environment. Broadcast is increasingly adopting AR graphics for enhanced storytelling, allowing for better interaction between presenters and graphics objects and even remote locations. AR gives broadcasters an extra level of freedom to tell a complex story in a very visual way with the presenter driving the narrative. Augmented Reality applications allow for visually engaging representations of data which can then be better explained by the presenters placed on the set.

Augmented reality in sports marketing and fan interaction

The augmented reality in sports improves two major aspects – usefulness and entertainment. Regardless if you are a professional sportsman or an amateur, you may use AR apps to improve your techniques, to get better results or to avoid injuries. If you are a fierce sports fan, AR can be useful to be in touch with favorite players or team, to get a better experience of watching tournaments. And if you base your business in the sports industry, Augmented Reality apps could be your successful marketing tool.

Stadium Activation Arena Activation with Augmented Reality

This is the combination between sports, gamification and augmented reality. Sports is never be the same like time limited on the court, pitch or ground. It's more than ever. Sport Clubs and organisations looking for fan interaction. Fan engagement is or must be the leading focus from now on. sport clubs can provide hidden gifts or customised gifts for their fan audience. How it can be? They can use their arenas, stadiums as a playground for the fans to get engaged. Our "Treasure Hunt" project is an new augmented reality in sports based project to fan engagement and fan interaction. it works with marker-based augmented reality, sport clubs are hiding augmented reality marker stickers inside of the stadium or arena and fans have 3 minutes to find and collect these stickers with their smartphone. This allows fans to discover the stadium or arena and interact with the club much better. If they can collect stickers within the 3 minutes they can gain special and customized gifts from the club, from the venue / arena or stadium or from the sponsor. You can watch how it works from the video below. This allows to promote also online shops of the clubs and collect allowed marketing and CRM datas.

On the Opening Day of the 2019 KBO season on Saturday, March 23, SK Telecom brought a mythical dragon-like animal wyvern to the 5G-equipped SK Happy Dream Park, home to SK Wyverns. The large fire-breathing wyvern flying around the park was streamed live though sports broadcasting channels for baseball fans. To realize the amazing augmented reality(AR) performance, SK Telecom has applied its self-developed AR/VR technologies such as 'eSpace,' a hyperspace platform that can replicate the real world into a virtual space, and 'T real Platform,' where AR contents can be freely/easily created and shared. Since launching the world's first 5G network on December 1, 2018, No.1 Korean mobile operator SK Telecom has been actively developing diverse 5G services including AR and VR to take customer experience to the next level.

The 2019 NFL is incorporating augmented reality sports technology to their fans game experience. With the use of cool, innovative augmented reality apps, and hololens AR headset, the football teams in the NFL are paving the way in sports technology advancement.

With the rise in television quality and broadcast technology, teams and leagues are working to differentiate their fans in-person experiences from the ever-improving at-home experience, with extensive new off the field options. AR's focus is shifting, however, to new ways that attendees’ experiences can be enhanced at the arena or stadium.

Dallas Cowboys “Pose With The Pros”activation was developed on augmented reality fan interaction and fan experience project and combined with arena activation. This was a perfect match between augmented reality, fan engagement, arena interaction, selfie, club and the players.

With the perfect combination of physical and digital worlds, called phygital, fans attending the game at AT&T Stadium were able to participate in a unique augmented reality experience which allowed them to take photos with their favorite Cowboys players simultaneously, as they were playing a football game on the field, far away from where the fans were buying the souvenir photos.

The AR technology also gives the opportunities to collect information about the customers and to offer personalized advertisement. It stimulates the retail sales and fans engagement. One case is hockey team Detroit Red Wings, who have started to use the augmented reality via on their Windscape official app for better fans experience

Augmented reality in sports can bring some positive change and a fresh breath for the audiences. MLB, in September 2017 the Major League Baseball has launched an AR app MLB at Bat. The user just needs to point the mobile device towards the field and on the screen, he/she will see all player’s statistics. Moreover, the information about the speed and the trajectory of every hit will also be given. Did you ever think about a chance to celebrate a victory with Manchester United football players? People who visited Bakcell stand in "Bakutel 2014" exhibition, had this chance and they did celebrate! In cooperation with Manchester United we created an augmented reality installation for Bakcell exhibition stand, which was awarded as most times visited. Everyone who visited Bakcell stand were lifting Premier Cup together with Nani, Chicharito, Fellaini, Young and got personal T-shirts. All these moments were captured and appeared on Facebook.

AR for Refrees

combine creativity and technology to make sport fairer, safer, smarter and more engaging.There is a solution we already know and owned by Sony, Hawkeye. Hawkeye brings sports competitions to secure the more fair game. They provide a three-dimensional representation of the ball’s trajectory and is used in cricket, tennis, Gaelic football, badminton, hurling, Rugby Union, association football and volleyball.

Strong points ar in sports is while watching online or on TV is that you are getting more detailed information. For instance, when you are sitting too far away from the field, it can be challenging to see every team player.

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