augmented reality for insurance sector.

augmented reality for insurance

We will talk about augmented reality and the insurance industry in our article where we discussed what Industry 4.0 or Industry 4.0 brings to the insurance industry. Augmented reality (AR) applications or virtual reality (VR) projects positively change many business processes due to their creative and innovative nature. One of the most important improvements you can make to your company's sustainability in terms of return on investment (ROI) is to integrate augmented reality into your business processes.

The insurance industry, just like other industries, has evolved digital transformation, technology and innovation as the primary focus of the business model. In the presentation of its products and services, it saw it as the driving force in achieving the goals such as speed, cost reduction and high satisfaction. And actually, we can say insurance is a product or service or concept that turns a negative perception into a positive. But where are we going again at the end of the business? Experience! Yes, insurance is also an experience. Naturally, the insurance industry markets experience with trust. Insurance companies have to differentiate in the sector and touch their stakeholders with innovative and creative solutions thanks to the digital possibilities and platforms they create both in their customers and distribution channels. In terms of sustainability, to meet the expectations of potential future customers and distribution channels consistently all business processes and insurance sector, like all sectors to redesign their experiences compelled potential customers. Together with Industry 4.0 or Industry 4.0, insurance can carry experiences to customers in a completely different dimension with augmented reality.

For example, click on our link that works on Google Augmented Reality search results technology, which is application-free, browser-based and works on Google search results that we have developed for the insurance industry. Now we are starting to imagine you step by step.

1) Requirement by the customer: You are considering having a car insurance for your car. On the side of the insurance company, the need is: reaching, keeping in mind, trusting the customer who is considering getting a car insurance.

2) Customer-side research process: Searching for the most appropriate insurance offer with related keywords on Google. Needed by the insurance company: To come first in the keywords related to automobile insurance in Google and to provide the customer access to his / her own site.

3) Customer side evaluation and screening process: Who was the most memorable offer? Who is different?

Needed by the insurance company: When insurance is written, thanks to the Google Augmented Reality search results, if I can move and differentiate a crashed car with the snippets connected to the url of our site without any application, and with the offer buttons that I offer with the content of that accident car, the customer will experience online. I can get an offer. Thus, I differentiate in the perception of the customer by doing not done before. In this flow, the user who wants to get a insurance offer for augmented reality for insurance can get a insurance offer by moving the 3D model accident car content to his environment when he makes a Google search and pressing the call to action buttons. So, like augmented reality insurance, how does augmented reality increase your profitability and benefit?

• Reduces error rates.

• Eliminates maintenance costs.

• Reduces the cost by making customer service smart.

• It speeds up industrial design processes and reduces cost.

• It reduces employee training costs.

• Optimizes the production line.

• It makes internal communication more effective.

• Eliminates travel requirements and lowers costs.

• Increases the effectiveness of sales marketing processes.

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