benefits of augmented reality in jewellery.

ar in jewellery

One of the key questions when buying a watch and accessories from the Internet is, "How will it look on my wrist?" In the world of e-commerce and shopping, where competition is high, it is always difficult to navigate the summit. Augmented reality technology for innovative brands is a brand new opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Currently, online stores can give you a lot of size and color data, but cannot replace the watch on your wrist. As technology changes and continues to change, buyers' behavior will also change. Buyers communicate, select, recognize items, and buy in a completely different way.

augmented reality technology has been taking over in different areas of business, most firmly in retail and e-commerce. you can read our article about the relationship between augmented reality and e-commerce from here. Augmented reality is already reshaping the classic retail, making it more fascinating and engaging. Exclusive brands like De Beers, Forevermark, Tacori and Boucheron have already implemented augmented reality in jewelry and have begun reaping the benefits.

It is extremely natural to try before purchasing with a purchase that is as important as an engagement ring. It allows you to experience your favorite rings first-hand from the comfort of your smartphone. This innovative feature eliminates most of the guesswork-related predictions… and super addictive! Will the diamond cut complete the shape of your finger? Does the metal color match your skin tone? For example, white gold and platinum look great against a cool skin tone, while yellow and rose gold are more suited to warmer skin tones. As for the shape, some diamond cuts like ovals create the illusion of length and serve to lengthen fingers gracefully. With Augmented Reality Ring Trial technology, it is easier to choose between different customization options by simulating how the ring will look in your hand. Immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality began to have an impact in the highly competitive world of online shopping and gave rise to ideas like virtual experimentation. Augmented Reality is an innovative technology that facilitates a new watch and accessory purchase experience to the top. Try the best watches and accessories on your wrist, the rings on your finger, with our augmented reality project that works both as augmented reality integrated into Google search results and as webAR.

The classic e-commerce era has ended. Today, users want to have better customer experience and make sure they are buying the right products. Experience the best rings on your finger, the best accessories on your wrist, and find your perfect match with Augmented Reality. In applications made with virtual product in real space, three-dimensional renderings of the product are placed in real time on the real image. With this new Augmented Reality technology, your shopping experience will peak. It not only makes it easier for customers to decide, buy watches and accessories, but also enables innovative brands to expand their markets and increase their high brand awareness! AR, pointing the camera towards your wrist, covers the image of the watch. You can even rotate your wrist, and your watch will rotate, following your movements. You can choose to have extra details such as labels that emphasize important selling points, such as material and other features. You can even take a still image to help you compare.

Augmented reality, augmented reality, can be extremely attractive to new customers. People who want to have a special watch can take pictures of the wrist with the watch on the watch. Others may use it as a motivational tool to help them progress towards their goals. Others can share the images with their friends via social media, which they can then try to use the application for themselves. Brands that adopt such an AR solution early will also benefit from the advanced promotional options that come with the original products. This may include news and magazine publishers. The product may also be suitable for a range of social media campaigns to spread brand awareness. Augmented Reality = Augmented Reality It is a live or indirect physical view of the real world environment and its contents, enriched with computer generated audio, images, graphics and GPS data. This concept is briefly changing and increasing the reality by computer.

Augmented reality applications that continue to be developed and used more and more day by day offer marketers many opportunities. The augmented reality technology, which we encounter with various innovations every day and which we become more familiar with each passing day, offers innovations in many areas, making virtual reality more tactile and lively. The augmented reality applications, which turn the experience of technological devices into reality that appeals to almost five senses, give successful results in creative marketing campaigns as well as in many other fields. By integrating augmented reality applications into their campaigns, marketers use this technology to engage target audiences and provide a different experience.

Why use augmented reality in jewelry?

* marketing

using augmented reality objects will bring top-notch experiences to customers, as well as the deeper knowledge of the product. it's called virtual try on. People only have to point their phones/mobile devices onto the showcases. With AR you can create showcases, limited only by your fantasy and budget, displaying jewelry items through the shopping glass along with extra information (size, weight, 4Cs, etc.).

* product catalogs with ar

augmented reality for jeweller brands enables to create enriched experience even through printed catalogues. customers will scan the images printed on the catalogue and put them on their fingers or get information about the jewellery.

* interactive shop windows

Everyone stares at shop windows and gets attracted from time to time. Interactive store entrances catch people’s eye.

for sure, augmented reality is focusing interactive, experimental, enriched marketing and shopping experience for jewellery brands.

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