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Augmented reality has led to the development of augmented reality applications, allowing users to experience products, visualize them, what they encounter when they buy, or experience a service.

AR maximizes computer-generated images according to reality, thus creating a unified look that strengthens the real world. AR applications range from interactive maps and virtual showrooms to multiplayer collisions. While more and more ARKit apps are available on Apple's iOS, ARCore on Android will be the future of AR.

Augmented reality is one of the most popular technologies of the last period. HubSpot has ranked the top 10 of the current mobile augmented reality applications. Since the release of Pokemon Go, there has been a 300% increase in the number of downloads of mobile augmented reality apps. Demand and investment in this technology has increased as the augmented reality has improved, costs have been reduced and application areas specific to the branches of business have been developed.

We've made a compilation of the best Augmented Reality apps you can find for iOS or Android phones.

1) Gatwick Airport Augmented Reality Application:

Gatwick airport has been awarded many awards for its application where augmented reality technology is used creatively. With the help of more than two thousand cue points between the two terminals of the airport, passengers can easily find their way using the augmented reality application they download to their mobile phones. As implementation improves over time, it can also assist pedestrian traffic within the airport.

aviation augmented reality airport ar.jpg

2) MondlyAR:

Mondly, the language learning platform, has created an augmented reality app to help you test your speaking skills with your own virtual language assistant. This digital assistant can chat with you in seven different languages, and thanks to MondlyAR's advanced features such as speech recognition, chatbot technology and artificial intelligence, it can provide feedback about your pronunciation and bring virtual animals, instruments and other objects to your lessons as much as possible using augmented reality technology. can make it interesting.

3) IKEA Place:

It is quite annoying that he does not fit in the room when he buys furniture and comes home. Ikea Place application is designed to eliminate this problem. Designed with Apple ARKit, the application helps you scan your room and furnish it in a virtual environment with Ikea furniture, thereby preventing subsequent troubles.

4) Inkhunter

Getting a tattoo is one of the most stressful decisions in life. Because if you are not satisfied with the tattoo you have done, you should erase it and this is a troubled process. However, this augmented reality application called Inkhunter can help you make a more comfortable decision about tattooing. After you upload your own tattoo design to the app or choose one of Inkhunter's designs, all you have to do is mark your potential area for your tattoo and hover your phone over the mark to see how this tattoo will look on your body.

5) ROAR:

ROAR is an augmented reality application that can distinguish food and drinks. This application; It allows you to scan 10,000 different products to learn about prices, nutritional values, ingredients, reviews and related promotions. You can also compare the price of any product with the retailer in the database of ROAR, buy selected products from the app, and even scan movie posters to purchase tickets for the next show at certain theaters.

6) SketchAR:

Everyone has a small amount of artistry, but not everyone has time to sit and draw for hours. Why don't we cheat a little? SketchAR is essentially an AR tracking tool - draw several circles on a piece of paper and select a sketch, SketchAR will project this image on paper and let you watch it. They cannot be tracked precisely because you are trying to match lines perfectly, but it works very well if you want to apply certain drawing techniques. This may be strange - holding a phone in one hand and drawing with the other is not exactly a natural position - but it's worth trying. Works with small pieces of paper on most ARCore enabled phones. Ready for Android, iOS, and Microsoft’s HoloLens title.

7) WallaME:

WallaMe allows you to leave confidential messages in various places around the world that can only be read by other people using the WallaMe app. While using the app, you can take a picture of a nearby wall, street or sign, then use the in-app drawing and painting tools to create your own private messages. You can also add pictures to the areas you select to prove that you are actually there. Augmented reality comes into effect when you're in a location with a truly hidden message, but can only be found using WallaMe and your device's camera. Messages can also be made private so that only friends using the app can see them or make them public for everyone to discover.

WallaMe's greatest strength also works against him somehow. Those who are not aware of the existence of the application or do not use it regularly may never see smart messages created by others. But fans of the app may want it to be this way to maintain a sense of privilege.

8) Burger King AR Campaign:

Burger King is encouraging fans to ‘burn’ its rivals in digital platforms, thanks to a new mobile app feature that sets competitor billboards to flames.

Burger King burning up the competitor’s ads to anyone who points their smartphone towards them, following it with a BK advert. It’s fun, daring and creative!

Of course, there are thousands of AR apps. But we wanted to compile their interesting. If you want to have an augmented reality application, or you can reach AR Agency Nsocial for a non-application augmented reality experience with webAR.