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benefits of augmented reality in fmcg brands

Augmented reality, namely augmented reality, increases the effect of the product or service by providing experience on the users by increasing the sense of reality on concrete objects and visuals via smartphone and tablet. We can define Augmented Reality as animated QR codes. It is the increased reflection of the shape displayed on smartphones or any object to the user on the screen by evolving to information, content, questionnaire or visuals such as photos and pictures. To sum up, to define the augmented reality, we can say that AR is the integration of the virtual world with the real life experience. For example, Pepsi MAX placed a transparent screen at the bus stop on one of London's busiest streets and attracted attention. People waiting at the bus stop and unaware of the situation created scary creatures that appeared on their right side, flying creatures, and robots.

In cooperation with WWF and Coca Cola, an augmented reality campaign was held in The Science Museum, London. In this 'Arctic Home' campaign, people who came to visit the museum suddenly found themselves at the poles in polar bears that live happily in their own nature.

With webAR, you can experience with augmented reality technology by simply opening the camera of your phone and scanning the image in the menu in your restaurant without any application. Or, you can show the journey of the product you want to show in the searched word from Google augmented reality supported search results, the region where it grows to your consumers and make them purchase from your online store. Just click for the Google augmented reality search results experience for FMCG.


One of the best webAR implementations is here. Please, open your smart phone's camera and scan the QR code below. This will bring you to an enriched and immersive experience.

webAR browser base augmented reality

In another example, the phenomenon comes from Eti Puf. It combines the colorful world of Eti Puf with music. Aiming to offer consumers an experience starting from packaging, Eti brought the 'Eti Puf Music Academy' application, which it developed with augmented reality (AR) technology, and brought a new breath to the snack market. With the notes and application included in the Eti Puf packages, consumers who can easily make music without the need for any musical instruments, can turn their places on stage and have the opportunity to be the star of their friend environment. With the “Eti Puf Music Academy” application, which can be downloaded to IOS and Android compatible phones, consumers who can play the piano, guitar and drum instruments after placing them on a surface side by side, can make music as they wish by selecting a song from the song list or free play. The application, which encourages consumers to make their own instruments with “do-it-yourself” projects, offers an enjoyable experience by supporting creativity.

For the FMCG industry, you can experience the production journeys of your products with augmented reality from the shelves, labels, packaging, menus to the final consumption of your products. You can combine the colorful world of your products with creative constructions. If you aim to offer consumers an experience starting from packaging, how about a delicious meeting with augmented reality company Nsocial ?