augmented reality for fashion.

exciting augmented reality features for fashion

With Augmented Reality applications, the foundations of advertising and marketing are laid. The most important point here is that Augmented Reality applications provide 360 ​​degree marketing integration. These innovative ads are much more powerful, as innovative companies, which quickly take their hands and develop their own AR applications and begin to publish their advertisements, are especially talked about in social media. Today, many brands are now turning to innovative campaigns or advertisements to increase customer satisfaction and sales force. The opportunities offered by technology are abundantly utilized in these campaigns. Timberland is one of those who follow this trend… One of the most interesting visual technologies in the world is Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This technology, which means augmented reality for short, has started to appear in different fields day by day. With this technology, you can hear, see and feel virtual experiences in the real world. When we say the cabin here, we are actually talking about a 2 meter screen. Supported with Kinect technology, this screen can detect the customer's hand movements in real time. To take advantage of the installed system, the person first scans his face for an application developed specifically for iPad (the same operation can be performed on the screen). After the face scanning process is finished, the captured image is transferred to this huge screen. After this stage, the person can try out new collections of Timberland using his hand gestures, without wearing his head. At the last stage, a picture is taken with the clothes that the person likes. This picture, which is also shared on Timberland's Facebook page, is sent to the e-mail address of the person. If the user carries out these operations via the application, they can also share their picture on their Facebook page.

As can be seen from the video, Timberland, which provides its customers with a different and fun experience, introduces them to augmented reality technology whose usage area is gradually expanding. It is also a fact that it frees customers from the torment of changing their tops. Do not doubt that we will come across similar and more advanced campaigns in the future! As AR Agency Nsocial, we will briefly mention our augmented reality sales support and marketing communication projects.

Our digital and physical augmented reality fashion shopping product, which we call mirrAR. It takes its name from the combination of the words mirror and augmented reality. You can experience the details of mirrAR, augmented reality retail solution that offers interactive shopping experience, from our link. mirrAR supports shopping in a fun, experiential and memorable way with augmented reality.

Many big brands now allow us to experience on your own without wearing the outfit thanks to this system in their stores. You look at the screen, the clothes you choose sit digitally on you.

Our other service is augmented reality catalogs. We visualize the product catalog interactively with visual processing and augmented reality technology. You can experience the dress you want to buy by rotating 360 degrees, how it looks, without wasting time and changing your environment.

For augmented reality solutions that your brand will need, you can meet with augmented reality agency Nsocial in a coffee!