what is virtual reality? vr agency nsocial explains. virtual reality company nsocial shares it's experience.

what is virtual reality? what is vr?

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Applications of virtual reality can include entertainment (i.e. video games) and educational purposes (i.e. medical or military training). Other, distinct types of VR style technology include augmented reality, extended reality and mixed reality. You'll probably never go to Mars, swim with dolphins, run an Olympic 100 meters, or sing onstage with the Rolling Stones. But if virtual reality ever lives up to its promise, you might be able to do all these things—and many more—without even leaving your home. Unlike real reality (the actual world in which we live), virtual reality means simulating bits of our world (or completely imaginary worlds) using high-performance computers and sensory equipment, like headsets and gloves. Apart from games and entertainment, it's long been used for training airline pilots and surgeons and for helping scientists to figure out complex problems such as the structure of protein molecules. How does it work? Let's take a closer look!

virtual reality vs augmented reality. difference Between vr and ar?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two sides of the same coin. You could think of Augmented Reality as VR with one foot in the real world: Augmented Reality simulates artificial objects in the real environment; Virtual Reality creates an artificial environment to inhabit. In Augmented Reality, the computer uses sensors and algorithms to determine the position and orientation of a camera. AR technology then renders the 3D graphics as they would appear from the viewpoint of the camera, superimposing the computer-generated images over a user’s view of the real world. In Virtual Reality, the computer uses similar sensors and math. However, rather than locating a real camera within a physical environment, the position of the user’s eyes are located within the simulated environment. If the user’s head turns, the graphics react accordingly. Rather than compositing virtual objects and a real scene, VR technology creates a convincing, interactive world for the user.

what is virtual tour ? what is 360 degree tour? what is vr tour? same!

Virtual tours, also known as 3D tours or 3D walkthroughs, allow people to digitally 360° experimental tours. virtual tour is 360 degree simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of 360 videos or 360 degree images. It may also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. virtual tours are made up of a number of shots taken from a single vantage point. we can summarize virtual tours as virtual walking 360 degrees. for more details about the virtual tours, check our virtual tour agency article here. Imagine walking into the location (a restaurant, a store or any other space) for the first time. You have a look around as 360°. You take a step closer to the objects you see as 360 degrees. You pass through the rooms. Now imagine doing all that on the screen of your computer or a smartphone — this is called a virtual tour.The camera and lens are rotated around what is referred to as a no parallax point (the exact point at the back of the lens where the light converges).

a short but strange information about virtual tours history, the first vr tour has completed in 1994 in Britain. Dudley Castle was built in 1550 and it's renovated. Within the scope of renovation project, vr tour idea has come and it's completed as world's 1st 360 degree vr tour project. One of the first users of a virtual tour was Queen Elizabeth II, when she officially opened the visitor centre in June 1994.

virtual reality real estate

virtual reality in real estate marketing, the purpose of project presentations in residential marketing is to convey and "experience" as much information as possible about the apartments that have not yet been physically built to the potential customers to invest in the most attractive way.

with VR Glasses, 360 degree video or virtual tour technology inside the investor's apartment or project, 360 degree knowledge about the size of the apartment, the ceiling height of the apartment, the size of the rooms and the corridor widths, the view of the balcony, the exterior and interior landscape, the built-in floors, the floor coverings, the usability makes it happen. We support Virtual Reality (VR) contents, which we create with 360 degree video or 360 degree photo, with our special software and thus, you can switch to any room between the rooms whenever you want. Now it is almost over to explain the project from an expensive, boring and inexperienced model!

Or if the sample flat of the residential or real estate project is not finished yet, instead of making expensive models, we can experience and navigate your investors with Virtual Reality Technology (VR) in real estate with 3D Render and 360 degree video technology.

Investors can decide more clearly what they want and when they experience the real estate or project they plan to purchase in 360 degrees in Virtual Reality Technology. Companies save time and cost in their projects' Virtual Reality (VR) and sales operations and marketing activities.

Construction companies that adapt their Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to architectural application with "Marketing 4.0" aim to achieve an advantageous position in the "Industry 4.0" period by catching the new marketing trend.

So what are we doing? With Virtual Reality (VR), you can show your finished and unfinished version of your project and your real estate in 360 degree virtual reality environment without tiring your customers in your sales operations or sales office, and you can visit the sample apartments we have created in the virtual environment with the special software we have developed.

Dreamcity Boulevard tashkent city vr real estate marketing. 360 video real estate marketing. for more details take a look to our how to use virtual reality in real estate article.

what does one of the top vr companies do? what does vr company nsocial do?

Virtual Reality, in short, VR is Experience Marketing in a nutshell. virtual reality agency nsocial, or vr agency (virtual reality agency) nsocial, experience the brands' products or services to its customers or potential customers.

2012 born Nsocial, is a global enriched experimental VR Agency who is operating in Lithuania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. As Virtual Reality Agency and 360 degree video agency, we develop vr softwares and create vr contents as 360 degree contents in sectors such as Construction and Real Estate, Tourism, Sports, Municipalities and Official Institutions, Factory, Production, Education, Marketing, Retail, Logistics, Energy.

For example, DreamCity Development, the largest construction and real estate company of the country operating in Uzbekistan, combines 360 degree 3D Modeling, 360 degree 3D Animation, VR Gamification, Virtual Reality Gamification, 360 degree video shooting content production and software technologies in its uncompleted project. By using Virtual Reality (VR) technology in sales operations, it can experience and sell the real estate they want to buy to their investors / potential investors in fairs, sales offices, foreign marketing activities, websites, social media marketing, digital marketing activities.

Technically, the term virtual reality is a Customer Experience supported by 360-degree video capture and 3D modeling. We ask "What is Virtual Reality?" We answer the question "technology that feels as if".

Of course, we can not pass without mentioning gamification and Virtual Reality Business Training Simulation. In summary, the Virtual Reality Agency conducts projects with the brands' Human Resources, Learning, Production, Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Corporate Departments. As you can see, Virtual Reality Agency has a wide target audience that can work with almost all departments.

For example, we completed the hr vr project for one of the biggest fashion retailer Defacto. Defacto is operating in 30 countries, has 503 stores, 14.000+ employees. our project aims 360 vr human resources orientation was focusing on the job orientation in new employees who just starts to work in showrooms in different cities and countries.

Main problem was brining the new employees from different countries / cities to the headquarters in Istanbul. This was costly, time spending and reducing the efficiency.

Solution was easy. using vr in human resources. we completed 360 video production of headquarters in Istanbul including all departments. Then we divided the headquarters to the departments. We addded 2D text infographics, explaining who is who, what are the responsibilities of each department. We implemented virtual tour software to the vr production.

with this vr tour software, users will have the total control. vr tour developed for all platforms, webVR, mobileVR and vrheadsets. this means accessable from all platforms. employees can walk and discover the whole headquarters or if they want to experience only their related department, they can select the floor and move directly to the department. meet with managers, read the responsibilities of the department and much more. then we sent vr headsets to each store. employees able to discover their departments, meet with their managers and see the headquarters from their current stores. you can click here to discover the project.

another project was on hr, was employee job training with railways and energy sector. within the gamificaiton scenarios in virtual reality job training, we created some missions as gamification to define the problem. Then follow the instructions and solve the problem. Find the related projects' showcase videos below:

vr job training in railways sector

vr job training for energy sector, oil and gas sector

200% these 2 projects are not the only vr in hr or virtual reality corporate job training projects of nsocial. check the playlist below.

vr timetravelling. virtual reality time travelling. vr in tourism marketing. vr in destination marketing.

combination of 3d vr 360 video production, history, smart cities, destination marketing with experience marketing.

a perfect tool for cities toursim boards and municipalities and even for tourism ministries which will generate revenue. booked from online. mixage of real world and 100 years past. for the virtual city tour, the visitor takes a seat in a cart to timetravelling in virtual reality. creates unforgettable travel experience.

you can read more details about our vr timetravelling tool by touching and get inspired from the videos below.

what does vr agency do? what is a vr agency company? services of vr agency?

vr content creation. 360 video production.

first rule: professional end to end vr agency has to create enriched, immersive and creative 360 video content as vr content production. we can summarize it as a brand new customer experience process, which takes the feeling of experiencing and finding brands' products or services to potential customers / customers, who are included in their target audience.

360 degree videos and Games are the source of virtual reality, VR (Virtual Reality). In 360 degree video technology, which we provide the best experience by supporting with Virtual Reality glasses, you can navigate your video in 360 degrees by using your arrow keys or the keys placed on the video player and watch the video from any angle by turning your smartphone left and right, up and down.

vr software development. vr app development. webVR. create custom vr projects.

for sure, vr company has to develop vr softwares as like offline vr players, virtual tours and gamifications to impress brands' target audience in line with the brand's marketing strategy with virtual reality softwares and games.

not only for marketing, pr or brand communications, VR Agency Nsocial also adds value to your brand with its 360 degree training for HR, with our interactive learning tools to Human Resources and Learning departments, while providing time and cost advantages. While your employees have a brand new experience with 360 degree videos or gamified stories based on Virtual Reality / Virtual Reality / VR technology, they also strengthen their ties with your brand.

annnnd... a vr firm or vr company or vr agency must be little bit crazy. they should create innovative and custom projects. check the playlist below what did crazy vr agency nsocial has created.

Virtual reality agency; experience agency. Brands or institutions transfer the experiences they want to provide to the agency. Virtual Reality Agency, by adopting the principle of “storytelling”, namely “storytelling”, prepares creative content and user-friendly VR software by using Virtual Reality Software together with 360 degree video shooting, virtual tour or 360 degree modeling and 3D animation techniques. If there is an even more interactive demand for experience, the experience can be increased to the top with “Gamification” software.

which points makes vr agency nsocial differentiated?

The difference of the Virtual Reality Agency emerges with traceable and creative content. In other words, the post production stage after 360 degree video production should be handled as important and meticulously as at least 360 degree video shooting. Here, elements such as informative infographic and audio narration, which will be added specifically for the project or brand, further improve both perception and experience.

If the Virtual Reality Agency, VR Agency, provides an unforgettable experience for brands and consumers, the brand; The project that he wants to communicate with is engraved with the metamorphosis marketing method to keep in mind the customers and potential customers. This causes the consumer to create positive perceptions such as reassuring, innovative, creative and technological.

Today, brands; Working with the Virtual Reality Agency, it delivers its products / services to its customers or potential customers with a 360 degree VR experience. Brands naturally prefer agencies that offer different experiences in VR Agency selection.

ladies. gents. thanx for reading our vr story and how we do it all with all inhouse crew. if you are searching for vr agency for your projects or looking for a 360 video production agency projects, drop us an e-mail.