virtual tour in real estate.

benefits of virtual tours in real estate marketing.

Give a real feel of your property to the prospects in the shortest possible time through powerful 360° VR tours. Feature these videos on your business website to give them a feel as if they were actually present in your property. Highlight various areas of your property, the neighborhood, as well as some local hotspots in your VR tours. Use the power of VR and get a step closer to your prospects.

* Virtual Tours Are Cost Effective And Easy To Create

* People Will Find You More Reliable

* Attract More Customers To Use Your Website

* Make Your Efforts Worthwhile

* Best Way to Display Any Property

virtual reality in real estate marketing. vr in real estate. 360 video in real estate.

virtual reality in real estate marketing, the purpose of project presentations in residential marketing is to convey and "experience" as much information as possible about the apartments that have not yet been physically built to the potential customers to invest in the most attractive way.

with VR Glasses, 360 degree video or virtual tour technology inside the investor's apartment or project, 360 degree knowledge about the size of the apartment, the ceiling height of the apartment, the size of the rooms and the corridor widths, the view of the balcony, the exterior and interior landscape, the built-in floors, the floor coverings, the usability makes it happen. We support Virtual Reality (VR) contents, which we create with 360 degree video or 360 degree photo, with our special software and thus, you can switch to any room between the rooms whenever you want. Now it is almost over to explain the project from an expensive, boring and inexperienced model!

Or if the sample flat of the residential or real estate project is not finished yet, instead of making expensive models, we can experience and navigate your investors with Virtual Reality Technology (VR) in real estate with 3D Render and 360 degree video technology.

Investors can decide more clearly what they want and when they experience the real estate or project they plan to purchase in 360 degrees in Virtual Reality Technology. Companies save time and cost in their projects' Virtual Reality (VR) and sales operations and marketing activities.

Construction companies that adapt their Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to architectural application with "Marketing 4.0" aim to achieve an advantageous position in the "Industry 4.0" period by catching the new marketing trend.

So what are we doing? With Virtual Reality (VR), you can show your finished and unfinished version of your project and your real estate in 360 degree virtual reality environment without tiring your customers in your sales operations or sales office, and you can visit the sample apartments we have created in the virtual environment with the special software we have developed.

Dreamcity Boulevard tashkent city vr real estate marketing. 360 video real estate marketing.

Uzbekistan's 1st VR video in real estate marketing. project is the perfect combination of 3d modeling, 360 video production and real estate marketing. supported with Russian and English languages and offline vr player, project prepared for UZbuilt 2019 fair in Tashkent. Dreamcity Development is the leading real estate and construction company of Uzbekistan and developing many projects in the country. Why did we combined 3d models of the project with 360 video? Because project was not completed in real. But for demand collecting on the fair and sales offices, we integrated 3d modelling vr video to the 360 degree real production.

DreamCity Development, the largest construction and real estate company of the country operating in Uzbekistan, combines 360 degree 3D Modeling, 360 degree 3D Animation, VR Gamification, Virtual Reality Gamification, 360 degree video shooting content production and software technologies in its uncompleted project. By using Virtual Reality (VR) technology in sales operations, it can experience and sell the real estate they want to buy to their investors / potential investors in fairs, sales offices, foreign marketing activities, websites, social media marketing, digital marketing activities.

We wanted to implement Virtual Reality Technology in the Construction Sector as an innovative, interactive, and effective marketing method with effective marketing. With our VR software, we first selected potential buyers the type of flats they were interested in.

Our software is a software that does not require an internet connection, takes the content from the phone itself and brings the gamification and user experience to the top. Since it does not require an internet connection, we have our 8K resolution contents watched without any pixel loss.

Afterwards, by integrating 360 degree video, 360 degree photography and 360 degree virtual tour technologies, we integrated the contents we created into our software, allowing you to choose the room and facility you want to watch.

here is the case video of the project in Uzbuilt fair.

benefits of using virtual reality in real estate marketing

* Accessible from everywhere, even from the cities where your brand doesn't have sales operations or offices

* Useful on web

* Great marketing asset on fairs and events

* Creates Sense of Ownership

* ZERO operating costs

* ZERO employee costs

* Interactive

* Experimental

* Makes you feel there

* Saves time

* Global Reach

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