webAR works as browser based augmented reality platform.

what is mirrAR?

mirrAR is both our digital and physical product, which we call mirrAR. It takes its name from the combination of the words mirror and augmented reality.

mirrAR; which is based on Augmented Reality technology and focuses on Interactive & Immersive Shopping Experience which we believe that will boost the customer interaction.

mirrAR supports shopping in a fun, experiential and memorable way with augmented reality.

mirrAR allows people could try out clothes from the newest collection without actually wearing them. Kinetct sensor follows the person’s movement and analyzed it in real-time. When a person got close to it, the app scanned the person’s face, took a picture and looked for a good model for it. On an 80-inch screen, using their gestures, they could freely change their outfits- jackets, jumpers, trousers, and shoes. The person could go back to the previous outfit and make some changes anytime they wanted. At the end, their new look was saved and sent by e-mail to the person who created it and also put in the gallery on the brand.

Benefits of mirrAR. augmented reality supported smart shopping mirror

* Innovative Brand Perception Generation,

* Customer Interaction,

* Sustainability for the Future,

* Generating Traffic and Increasing Members / Sales for Online Shopping,

* Social Media Integration,

* In-Store Activation,

* Reaching Potential Customers,

* Reducing Dressing Room Que Waiting Time in the Stores,

* Better Shopping Experience,

* PR / WoM Effect

mirrAR is also for kids version as mirrAR kids:]

why mirrAR

* sustainable brand for future

* generating new shopping channel

* reaching new potential customers

* customer interaction and reach

* improving brand’s market and brand value

* increasing number of customers

* being leading in the world

* better shopping and customer experience

how mirrAR works?

mirrar, it's augmented reality supported mirror. You can try on the clothes without going to cabin and allows you an unforgettable brand and shopping experience.

Many big brands now allow us to experience on your own without wearing the outfit thanks to this system in their stores. You look at the screen, the clothes you choose sit digitally on you.

* ar technology based,

* kinect device used,

* mobile device controlled,

* interactive customer experience focused,

* shopping facilitation oriented,

* brand based ux/ui application developed,

* social media integrated,

* shopping finalized,

* customer friendly,

* innovative and wom effect project!

as you know, brands are now developing new strategies as a must for ‘catching’ y, z and alpha generations for sustainability ofcustomer experience, better shopping experience etc… they born in ‘digital world’… they all know what a mobile app means or what is a 360° videos or augmented reality are… they all live with their smartphones and watching videos… they are searching for new experiences! so as a brand, lets get more innovative and creative!

Meet Augmented Reality Agency Nsocial if you have a webAR project with augmented reality via mobile browsers or website without the need for applications for your brand, or if you want to describe your product or service with Google Augmented Reality Search Results experience!