vr for brands.

why brands use vr? why brands need vr?

growing virtual reality industry offers a massive opportunity for brands due to the unique, memorable and highly engaging experiences it creates. VR is much more than just technology. virtual reality is useful especially for marketing, sales, product development and of course employee training & corporate development.

vr for marketing and sales

Emotional experiences: The impactful medium has the potential to make people think, feel and even change their behavior. Because of this, the medium has been used to treat conditions including autism, PTSD and depression.

Story-Living, not just Story-Telling: Presence allows you to live a story rather than being a passive observer. There’s no fourth wall. As content creators we don’t have to use cinematography or music and editing to trick you into believing you’re there, you are there. There is an inherent power in putting users at the center of the action. Letting them experience what’s happening on their own terms leads to more engagement, even empathy.

Flexibility. With different formats for different objectives, budgets, and deadlines, virtual reality really does offer something for everyone. At one end of the scale, there’s 360 video which can be viewed on YouTube, Facebook and in a head-mounted display (HMD). The other end of the scale is fully interactive content, created in a game-engine and enjoyed via high end, PC powered HMDs like an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

VR is transportative: In terms of an experience that can transport someone in a completely unique new way, there is nothing like it. Virtual reality makes otherwise prohibitive experiences accessible. With VR, I can travel to far-flung places, go back in time, or into the future. On a more practical level, I can offer a ‘try before you buy’ experience for a product that hasn’t launched. VR gives brands the opportunity to make dreams come true, our imaginations are the only limitation.

100% of a user’s attention:The headset needed for VR means you are fully committed to the immersive content. There is no distraction. In a fast-paced world filled with digital noise, this is difficult to achieve.

High sensory impact. Immersive virtual reality tricks the brain into thinking the body is actually in the virtual environment. This is called ‘presence’ and is the true magic of VR. In addition to appealing to our sense of sight and hearing, our sense of movement, balance and body awareness is also affected. All these sensory clues heighten the emotional link with the experience, thereby heightening our memory of it. VR is so powerful it's even been used to help paraplegics walk again.

vr marketing campaigns

virtual reality marketing campaigns are memorable, experimental and integrates digital to physical. once you hear the campaign, it's ok. when you both hear and watch it it's much better. combining experience the product / service / brand within the combination of watching and hearing, creates unforgettable, experimental and immersive perception through on your customers or potential customers as target audience. VR & AR are already impacting many sectors and departments. vr in sales and marketing, vr in training, vr in education, vr in health and entertainment. The future is approaching fast, so start your journey here. We've done extensive research to find some of the best Virtual Reality marketing campaigns out there. Prepare to be entertained! Maybe you will be inspired to use VR as a marketing tool in the future! Inspiration, engagement, impact – just some of the reasons why the world’s leading brands are creating amazing VR marketing experiences. for deeper look about best vr marketing campaigns here. Immersive technologies increase user engagement. They offer better ways for audiences to interact with your products, services and brand. Turning passive observers into active contributors results in greater attention, deeper emotional connections and improved memory retention. Ultimately they can transform behaviours.

corporate training with vr in human resources

we can call it hr in vr. or vr in hr. same! There are so many different facets of human resources that can be energized and improved with smart uses of virtual reality. Human Resource (HR) managers are always looking for technology that can improve their employee productivity and communication, particularly ones that are impactful and easy to deploy. Virtual Reality (VR) checks both those boxes. Large organizations and agile startups alike are using VR for everything from hiring to training to employee communication. Human Resources touches on a lot of different facets of the employee experience: hiring, training, and communication. (to name but three!) And Virtual Reality offers HR employees a new and exciting way to improve all those areas. you can take a deeper look for vr in hr or hr in vr article.

why should companies use virtual reality for job training?

The goal of Virtual Reality-enhanced training is to create realistic workplace experiences and allow employees to take risks while working in demanding environments.

The experimental and immersiveness of vr training can help employees become more comfortable and confident in performing their basic duties before they’ve even set foot on the job.

how did we make vr employee training?

Our aim was to make not just a 'wow' product on vr job training or vr corporate learning. but definiteliy, 200% creating a useful professional training course. Therefore, we researched parameters of a railway technician's job, investigated and completed researches, studied design and operating modes of railroad switches and drives, their special features. For inspection, we started visiting real stations and learning about railroad switches. Then the customer invited us to the assembly and repair atelier to look at the drives. As a result, we took a great number of photos, videos, and audio materials, for realistic 3d modelling and which we further used for writing a training script. Industry's experts meticulously analyzed our script as job security procedures. We took into consideration all their comments.

Fieldworking was the 1st process of this vr job training. Learning job fundamentals, analyzing traditional educational resources, consulting with the industry's experts

Creating contents at Railway Facilities are the 2nd process. Visiting real railway facilities with real technicians. Taking photos and producing videos. Recording noises and dialogs.

Script and Scenario were the next steps. Worked together with industry's experts and signaling service technicians. Studying standards and regulations.

3D Modeling, Studying diagrams, drawings, photos, and video recordings. Hi-Poly & Lo-Poly Modeling of all objects and surroundings, characters and tools. Texturing. Rigging. Model preparation and optimization for Unity.

Programming, Coding and Scene Building: custom 3d modelling, Unity materials, lights, post effects, baked animation, and background sounds and noises...Unity was our best friend in this case :]

annd here comes the result:

potential of vr job training

Focus on safety first. VR’s impact on training will focus on safety and manual practice, where many jobs require skilled and practiced movement. This is especially the case where safety is of huge opportunity for vr job training.

If we focus on leadership and development, vr could be utilized to create an office working environment with multiple scenarios as a gamification, where leaders have to practice the company’s leadership model with decisive models.

vr agency. what does vr company nsocial do? what does vr agency nsocial do?

Virtual Reality, in short, VR is Experience Marketing in a nutshell. virtual reality agency nsocial, or vr agency (virtual reality agency) nsocial, experience the brands' products or services to its customers or potential customers.

2012 born Nsocial, is a global enriched experimental VR Agency who is operating in Lithuania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. As Virtual Reality Agency and 360 degree video agency, we develop vr softwares and create vr contents as 360 degree contents in sectors such as Construction and Real Estate, Tourism, Sports, Municipalities and Official Institutions, Factory, Production, Education, Marketing, Retail, Logistics, Energy.

For example, DreamCity Development, the largest construction and real estate company of the country operating in Uzbekistan, combines 360 degree 3D Modeling, 360 degree 3D Animation, VR Gamification, Virtual Reality Gamification, 360 degree video shooting content production and software technologies in its uncompleted project. By using Virtual Reality (VR) technology in sales operations, it can experience and sell the real estate they want to buy to their investors / potential investors in fairs, sales offices, foreign marketing activities, websites, social media marketing, digital marketing activities.

Technically, the term virtual reality is a Customer Experience supported by 360-degree video capture and 3D modeling. We ask "What is Virtual Reality?" We answer the question "technology that feels as if".

Of course, we can not pass without mentioning gamification and Virtual Reality Business Training Simulation. In summary, the Virtual Reality Agency conducts projects with the brands' Human Resources, Learning, Production, Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Corporate Departments. As you can see, Virtual Reality Agency has a wide target audience that can work with almost all departments.

For example, we completed the hr vr project for one of the biggest fashion retailer Defacto. Defacto is operating in 30 countries, has 503 stores, 14.000+ employees. our project aims 360 vr human resources orientation was focusing on the job orientation in new employees who just starts to work in showrooms in different cities and countries.

Main problem was brining the new employees from different countries / cities to the headquarters in Istanbul. This was costly, time spending and reducing the efficiency.

Solution was easy. using vr in human resources. we completed 360 video production of headquarters in Istanbul including all departments. Then we divided the headquarters to the departments. We addded 2D text infographics, explaining who is who, what are the responsibilities of each department. We implemented virtual tour software to the vr production. as a vr agency or vr company, we would be excited to create a brainstorm on projects with you.

with this vr tour software, users will have the total control. vr tour developed for all platforms, webVR, mobileVR and vrheadsets. this means accessable from all platforms. employees can walk and discover the whole headquarters or if they want to experience only their related department, they can select the floor and move directly to the department. meet with managers, read the responsibilities of the department and much more. then we sent vr headsets to each store. employees able to discover their departments, meet with their managers and see the headquarters from their current stores. you can click here to discover the project.

another project was on hr, was employee job training with railways and energy sector. within the gamificaiton scenarios in virtual reality job training, we created some missions as gamification to define the problem. Then follow the instructions and solve the problem. Find the related projects' showcase videos below: