what is arcore?

ARCore is the augmented reality software development kit developed by Google that allows for web browser based augmented reality solutions, called webAR and google augmented realiy search results to be built. ARCore is Google’s platform for building augmented reality experiences and works with Nougat, we mean android 7.0 and over operating systems on android devices. Using different APIs, ARCore enables your phone to sense its environment, understand the world and interact with information. Some of the APIs are available across Android and iOS to enable shared AR experiences. With ARCore, build new augmented reality experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds. Transform the way people play, shop, learn, create, and experience the world together—at Google scale.

How does ARCore work?

Fundamentally, ARCore is doing two things: tracking the position of the mobile device as it moves, and building its own understanding of the real world. ARCore uses three key capabilities to integrate virtual content with the real world as seen through your phone's camera:

* Light estimation allows the phone to estimate the environment's current lighting conditions.

* Environmental understanding allows the phone to detect the size and location of all type of surfaces: horizontal, vertical and angled surfaces like the ground, a coffee table or walls.

* Motion tracking allows the phone to understand and track its position relative to the world.

ARCore's motion tracking technology uses the phone's camera to identify interesting points, called features, and tracks how those points move over time. With a combination of the movement of these points and readings from the phone's inertial sensors, ARCore determines both the position and orientation of the phone as it moves through space.

ARCore's understanding of the real world lets you place objects, annotations, or other information in a way that integrates seamlessly with the real world. You can place a napping kitten on the corner of your coffee table, or annotate a painting with biographical information about the artist. Motion tracking means that you can move around and view these objects from any angle, and even if you turn around and leave the room, when you come back, the kitten or annotation will be right where you left it.

In addition to identifying key points, ARCore can detect flat surfaces, like a table or the floor, and can also estimate the average lighting in the area around it. These capabilities combine to enable ARCore to build its own understanding of the world around it.

Little bit technical; ARCore — Google’s AR developer platform — provides simple yet powerful tools to developers for creating AR experiences. ARCore’s features include:

* Environmental HDR: Lighting extension from the real world onto virtual objects to make digital objects appear like they’re actually part of a real-world scene

* Augmented Faces: Facial tracking with: a 468 point 3D face mesh on devices without a depth sensor.

* Cloud Anchors: Multi-user, cross-platform experiences across both Android and iOS.

How to build with ARCore?

it's our job. not yours. joke. but serious. don't be sad. mini clues below:

* Understand: In order to augment reality, our devices need to understand it. ARCore provides a variety of tools for understanding objects in the real world. These tools include environmental understanding, which allows devices to detect horizontal and vertical surfaces and planes. They also include motion tracking, which lets phones understand and track their positions relative to the world. As ARCore continues to improve and expand, it will add more contextual and semantic understanding about people, places and things.

* Display: Technology such as ARCore’s Light Estimation API lets your digital objects appear realistically — as if they’re actually part of the physical world. And with ARCore Elements — a set of common AR UI components that have been validated with user testing — you can insert AR interactive patterns in your apps without having to reinvent the wheel.

* Share: To ensure that you can reach as many users as possible, our Cloud Anchors API allows users to experience AR together — on both Android and iOS.

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