vr roadshow: destination marketing with vr

vr roadshow. 360 video city marketing. experimental destination marketing.

perfect example to 360 video production city marketing. Kaunas has many stories and wants to share them

Kaunas is already packed for an important trip around Lithuania! Get ready for a date in your town!

5.2k 360 video production of the city completed. offline vr app developed. city's marketing motto found. truck branding designed. oculus go's purchased. creatives completed.

vr roadshow truck travelled to cities and countries in a two-months trip! project brought a truck full of excitement, entertainment and the opportunity to explore virtual destination in your city. Immerse yourself in the vr roadshow tour - stay in the Žalgiris match, dance on stage with the aura dancers, have fun at the coolest parties and discover the secret corners of the city.

Those who have visited Kaunas know that #kaunastic is a unique feeling that you can experience only when you are here. This time we break the rules and open the door to virtual city. Try VR glasses and discover a city full of culture, street art, basketball, fun and surprises.

why vr roadshow?

To show a vibrant and modern city. Break down the stereotypes that have gone wrong. Encourage, inspire and be interested - this was the goal of Kaunas Municipality and the public institution Kaunas IN, which turned into an original project, which attracted great interest of young people - a virtual reality marketing campaign supported with 360 video campaign through the Lithuanian Kaunastic VR. Since the beginning of March, a colorful tour truck has been rolling around Europe, turning into a unique platform for cognitive entertainment: it was possible to try virtual reality glasses and move to the most interesting places and events in Kaunas.

“For any place we have not been, we can only form opinions from other stories. And they are not always objective. Many people who have visited Kaunas in recent years bring great experience from here. We want to share this experience with thousands of foreigners with Lithuanian people, offering them the opportunity to visit the most interesting city of Lithuania virtually, ”said Kaunas Mayor Visvaldas Matijošaitis.

to be honest, city is coming to your location as 360°.

The project, which brings Kaunas people straight to the gymnasium, seeks to introduce the young people of Lithuania to the renewed city, to break down the stereotypes of Kaunas of the last century, to visit and get acquainted with the possibilities of the city.

people participating in Kaunastic VR events will also be invited to come to Kaunas - sponsors of the tour will give them invitations to Žalgiris matches, tickets to theaters and other sports, cultural and entertainment venues.

The main goal of this project was to introduce the city out of the country. However, on the other hand, the tour organizers note that it was a very valuable opportunity to get to know young people living in Lithuanian regions and to understand their worldview, to hear what is important to them.

All participants of the event were awarded with prizes including invitations to sports competitions, performances, concerts and other entertainment venues.

Most of them did not know what to expect and were eagerly awaiting the start of the event, so each visit turned into a cartridge of good emotions that surprised.

Not just to show, creating experience marketing with 360 video production to live the city.

how vr roadshow?

A truck designed specifically for the Kaunastic VR project is equipped with virtual reality stops. They will invite Lithuanian people to explore Kaunas, a city full of culture, street art, basketball, fun and surprises.

More than 5.5 million people will be able to try virtual reality glasses and move to the most interesting places and events in Kaunas. In total, there will be a virtual tour of more than 10 different locations - from the Žalgiris match or the Dance Theater Aura to the street art in the Kiemo Galerijoje and other exclusive venues.

Having traveled over 40,000 thousand kilometers in two years, visited 53 destinations and had a live chat with more than 5.5 million people, Kaunastic VR returns to Kaunas. However, the journey does not end and soon, Kaunastic VR will invite all people to travel around virtual Kaunas and see their city as seen by Lithuanians.

“Before the project, we had some concerns about what we bring to Lithuanian cities and towns that young people would be interested in. From day one, we realized that these fears were groundless: we were convinced that modern Kaunas, which has discovered its identity and direction, is interesting not only to the people who live here, but also to people who have never been there, ”says Tomas Grigalevičius .

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