role of 360 video in destination marketing. role of vr in tourism marketing.

360 video destination marketing

destination marketing is tourism advertising for a specific location. Destination marketing is a type of marketing that promotes a destination (town, city, region, country) with a purpose to increase the number of visitors. Unlike product marketing, where the products are delivered to customers through distribution channels, in destination marketing consumers travel to the destinations. 360 video is a superb experimental component for efficient destination marketing campaign.

360 video and vr can evidently boost destination marketing and tourism businesses as a marketing strategy.

travel industry proverbial glove is virtual reality as it enables brand owners to present their services to potential customers right before their eyes. 360 video marketing and vr marketing provides valuable advantages to cities and countries by allowing users to have an immersive experience by connecting directly with the destination. This immersive experience can be anything from flying in a baloon over the city, to taking a 360 video old town tour or divide city or country to the concepts like history, nature, culture etc.. There are countless ways you can give your audience an enjoyable experience through a virtual reality video.

key components of 360 video marketing: inspiration, engagement, impact – just some of the reasons why the world’s leading cities are creating amazing vr marketing experiences with 360 video.

travel and tourism industry has started adopting this tool to enhance customer experience and maximise engagements.

benefits of 360 video production for destination marketing

360 video production effectively engage clients with possible destinations/attractions that they might not have considered.

destination's brand awareness is increased by adopting 360 video.

360 video makes potential visitors more assured in what they are getting.

360 videos allow potential travellers to explore the destination first before making a booking. they can inspired from your city's or country's nature, history, culture or more...they can consider to come to your city or country.

360 city video or 360 country video allows people to visit the destination before they come there from their location anytime they want. they will discover the city as 360 video and they will consider to buy a flight ticket and make hotel bookings.

360 country video or 360 country video is a great asset for experimental marketing in fairs and events.

360 video of city or 360 video of country makes the destination socialized when it's on air on city's or country's social media platforms. by this way, destination will be able to reach millions of social media users.

for sure, 360 video contents are ready to be published and embedded to the ministry of tourism's or municipality's or tourism boards' websites as webVR embedding.

360 video offers pre-travel experience to Travellers

360 vr video gives pre-travel experience to tourists the opportunity to embark on an immersive journey through the destination.

inspirational 360 video production could be like storytelling since the user can visit the desired places of interest and learn more about their history, baloon tour from the air or 360 walkthrough the old town etc. Virtual reality videos can enhance all kinds of on-site experiences for users so it’s understandable why they are increasingly becoming the ultimate marketing tool for the destination marketing.

create an experimental pre-travel experience to travellers can explore the country or city's values and check out all the activities they can take part in.

360 video is a perfect tool for content marketing. support 360 video produciton with multilanguage infographics to increase the reach of millions of people. content marketing through 360 video and vr virtual reality is a revolutionary way to present city or country as a destination to potential visitors directly from their smartphones, webVR or vr headset. 360 video production must be shared on social media sites for maximum exposure. Keep in mind that your content should be as engaging as possible where your online followers can even drive or ride the experience.

360 video and vr marketing helps boost sales

as a summary of above, 360 video as like vr video that allows people to interact with their environment in like a "discover the destination before you go there" marketing strategy. By investing a little time and money in creating your 360 marketing video as VR marketing video, you will help boost your destination's visitors as real. They will start to buy flight tickets and start to make hotel bookings and when they come to city or country, they will spend like in restaurants, museums etc...

if you want to generate a creative pre-travel experience as a vr roadshow destination marketing campaign on your potential guests with 360 video as vr video content for your destination, drop to 360 video production agency nsocial an e-mail!