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what does experience marketing agency do?

Helping brands create impactful and sharable experiences strategically aligned with their business objectives. Helping brands build powerful front lines in the real world. All marketing communication matters. But some matters more than most. According to PWC, 85% of brand opinion is driven by interactions with brands in the real world. Only 15% is formed by traditional marketing comms. This means brand experience has a big impact. And that gives a huge advantage to the brands who use it effectively. We've helped global brands build effective front lines for over years through the power of experiential marketing. Drawing on this experience by using virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, we've developed a philosophy called Enriched Experimental Marketing.

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BRANDS WITHOUT NATURAL PRESENCE NEED TO CREATE IT. We offer three core products, each strategically tailored to your brand’s goals. Many brands have a limited natural presence, which restricts their ability to build relationships. That’s why iconic brands like Apple and Red Bull choose to create their real world presence using stores and events. Compare them to other brands in their sectors and you’ll see the impact of the real world.

Strategic experimental marketing campaigns to shape opinion and build brand engagement and brand communication with customer interaction.

FOR YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, A GREAT EXPERIENCE ISN’T JUST A PIECE OF MARKETING. that's why we offer WoW effect experimental campaigns as a virtual reality company and augmented reality company.

It’s indistinguishable from you as a company. It brings people as close to your brand as using your product, visiting your store or calling your helpdesk. So your brand experiences need to be creative and exciting, and above all they must deliver value.

You can see one of our most exciting project, Experience Žalgiris Yourself, as a 360 video production. Below you can watch the content and see how Lithuania's biggest basketball club Žalgiris used this project for differentiated segments. For example, fan experience project was brought to universities around Lithuania to show an unique and experimental Žalgiris matchday.

experience zalgiris yourself

Benefits of Experience Marketing:

HELPFUL: Giving people real value, so they’ll give it back to you.

RELEVANT: Integrating with the world around us in a way that makes sense for that place and time.

INSIGHTFUL: Offering strategic insight at the heart of every idea to compel and inspire.

one example is for fairs and events or sales operations for factories or facilities. with our Ineva project which we created as a 360 video company you can experience the facility thanks to VR promotional films prepared with 360 degree video shots, your customers can visit your company remotely or examine your products closely enough to touch them. 360 video factory promotional video, 360 video production school promotional video, 360 video production of headquarters, showrooms and training videos are the main ones.

ladies. gents. thanx for reading our 360 video content production as a vr content production story and how we do it all with all inhouse crew. if you have any 360 video projects or if you are looking for a 360 video production agency or 360 video company for your projects, drop us an e-mail.

As a vr company nsocial creates gamification experiences by using virtual reality. you can check how vr used in corporate learning and human resources as a gamification tool from here. also augmented reality is a good tool for gamification. as an ar company nsocial, we wrote details about ar in gamification in here. interested for projects? drop an email!