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Google Augmented Reality Search Results (googlear) and Google Extended Reality (googlexr)

Google Chrome brings WebXR support first with its 81st version. In this way, browser-based AR, that is, augmented reality period begins. Google will bring augmented reality (AR) technology to mobile browsers and there will be less need for Augmented Reality applications. The AR initiatives it has developed over the last few years through Project Tango are now continuing through the browser-based augmented reality application ARCore. Google announced at the I / O 2017 developer conference that augmented reality can be used via the Chrome browser. Finally, he created the 3D model viewer called Article. Uncle Google thinks that making the augmented reality suitable for internet browsers will be a huge step forward in delivering this technology to the masses. We support him to the very end:] And of course, not with words or writing, but with the sector-based applications we have developed! Let us also mention the fact that the article, which is in the prototype stage of Google, is currently being tested on Android and IOS devices. Let's talk about the details now! With this technology, users will be able to view 3D models on their computers or mobile devices, as well as change the direction, resize and place them in a different location. The purpose of supporting Google with augmented reality in search results is to blend augmented reality content with static content such as a news article. Also, to experience brand and product experiences to its customers or potential customers. For example, a customer who researches in Google to buy a seat for her home can bring the product of a furniture brand to her salon with the Google Augmented Reality search result and size it exactly, after seeing how to stay at home, she makes the purchase decision and purchases it through the online store. Or the destination, cities and countries, can bring their important symbols for the tourists who plan to visit them with the Google Augmented Reality Search results, and make reservations for flights and hotels with the call to action buttons to be placed. They can even turn it into an award-winning social media contest.

If you say how it works, when we scroll down the AR element on the result page after typing the keyword we searched as users, we see that the model starts to turn slightly against this movement. In the desktop browser, it is possible to enlarge and examine all aspects by clicking on the square icon in the lower right corner of the object. On mobile devices, an AR button appears at the bottom right and you can activate the camera of the phone by touching it. In this way, you have the chance to place the 3D object on the screen in the real world where you want. We talked a lot, wrote sorry, watch the video below for the best expression. Isn't it exciting? It is for us. If you want to experience your brand with Google's augmented reality search results developed by Google and the augmented reality agency Nsocial, we are as close as a mail.