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If we are talking about marketing in the automotive and automobile industry, what is the most important point before buying a car? All of you will receive answers such as price, fuel consumption, design, performance ... We use brands' websites to search all of these, and we can access technical data.

Then, we begin to evaluate our options in one or several brands. We search for the closest dealers in our location and compromise our time such as work / school / family to see the car 360 ° and try to plan our suitable time. When we go there, the color of the car we plan to buy may not be found, even the equipment package or itself, and this experience can drag the consumer from giving up the purchase decision.

At this very point, we have developed a project using Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 degree video and virtual tour technologies in the automobile industry based on the above insight. We designed a Virtual Showroom experience where you can experience Subaru models and dealers 360 °.

virtual showroom. virtual car dealer. vr showroom. Subaru.

In our Virtual Showroom project, which you can access via here as also accessible from Subaru's website without the need for your VR Glasses, you can view Subaru cars 360 degrees from inside and outside, and get information about the brand's technologies and brand history. You can also request a test drive for the vehicle you want to test at your nearest dealer.

We have created the basis of our content with 360 degree photo shooting from different points inside and outside the vehicles. Afterwards, we had a Virtual Tour experience with our VR software that we developed compatible with Web VR and VR glasses.

We supported the unique features of the brand and models with photos, videos, text and sound, and interactively supported the 360 ​​degree dealer experience with audio and visual elements.

We have also integrated a color configurator to show different color alternatives for vehicles that are not at the dealer during 360 video shooting and 360 photo shooting. Of course, it would not be possible to add photo galleries of models.

Those who want to buy the Subaru brand with the brand's Virtual Showroom project, which is realized by us for the first time in the global world, have 360 ​​degree interactive cars and dealers from wherever they want with this showroom open 24/7.

Since our project can work on the website, smartphones and VR glasses, Subaru's website traffic has also increased by 13% and there has been a 26% increase in requests from provinces with no dealers.

benefits of virtual showroom

* Accessible from everywhere, even from the cities where your brand doesn't have showrooms

* 7/24 open

* ZERO operating costs

* ZERO employee costs

* Interactive

* Experimental

* Makes you feel there

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