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virtual reality in corporate learning. vr in job training. 360 video in job orientation.

Of course, we can not pass without mentioning gamification and Virtual Reality Business Training Simulation. In summary, the Virtual Reality Agency conducts projects with the brands' Human Resources, Learning, Production, Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Corporate Departments. As you can see, Virtual Reality Agency has a wide target audience that can work with almost all departments.

For example, we completed the hr vr project for one of the biggest fashion retailer Defacto. Defacto is operating in 30 countries, has 503 stores, 14.000+ employees. our project aims 360 vr human resources orientation was focusing on the job orientation in new employees who just starts to work in showrooms in different cities and countries.

Main problem was brining the new employees from different countries / cities to the headquarters in Istanbul. This was costly, time spending and reducing the efficiency.

Solution was easy. using vr in human resources. we completed 360 video production of headquarters in Istanbul including all departments. Then we divided the headquarters to the departments. We addded 2D text infographics, explaining who is who, what are the responsibilities of each department. We implemented virtual tour software to the vr production.

with this vr tour software, users will have the total control. vr tour developed for all platforms, webVR, mobileVR and vrheadsets. this means accessable from all platforms. employees can walk and discover the whole headquarters or if they want to experience only their related department, they can select the floor and move directly to the department. meet with managers, read the responsibilities of the department and much more. then we sent vr headsets to each store. employees able to discover their departments, meet with their managers and see the headquarters from their current stores. you can click here to discover the project.

benefits of using virtual reality in human resources and corporate learning.

* Safely Train Employees For Dangerous And Stressful Situations

* VR Trains More Effectively Than Video Or Text-Based Materials

* Great marketing asset on carreer fairs and events

* Creates Sense of Employee Loyalty and Reduces Employee Turnover

* ZERO operating costs

* ZERO employee efforts

* Interactive

* Experimental

* Makes you feel there

* Saves time

* Global Reach

* Get More Out Of Your Candidate Screening Process

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