augmented reality smart transport. ar city card.

augmented reality smart city card

For smart city cards, ar agency nsocial develops smart city public transportation cards by augmented reality. augmented reality experience in public transport makes travel easier. You do not have to follow the time table of the vehicles, read the map or download and analyze the mobile applications at the individual stops in the cities. With the public transport augmented reality application we developed, you can have a mobile assistant that transfers interactive data to you with the "How To Go" module, where you can see which line you prefer to go from any point to another point with buses, which landing you get, what time you travel, your number of stops, your city card. You can load the balance and see the night buses. You can watch the Public Transport Augmented Reality video.

For Susiskiemo Paslaugos, Lithuania's passenger administration, by scanning the city card, Interactive City Card Augmented, showing which bus line, how many minutes passengers will go to any destination, the estimated travel time, the time to arrive at the stop where the bus they will take. We implemented our Reality project. In addition, passengers who have a balance on their city card can load their cards as well as see their 24-hour bus lines and schedules via the application.

augmented reality in public transportation

If you have a travel mobile app designed with Augmented Reality, you can point to transportation objects to get the best possible directions, travel route, next destination and places to travel. Especially for foreign travelers, you can make an underground map an interesting guide in many languages with AR.

webAR live traffic data augmented reality

augmented reality experience where you can see augmented reality live traffic data, number of stops, travel time of public transportation vehicles such as buses and trains with the cards of smart cities. We leave our video below for live traffic data.

Augmented reality technology is now used in the design of smart cities. With augmented reality, mistakes can be seen before the realization of smart city projects and project costs are saved. Augmented Reality (AR) now has a wide range of uses, including smart city planning. With Augmented Reality Applications, using the object recognition feature of smart phones, virtual objects are overlaid on real images. With the applications, the virtual environment is felt live, dynamic and in real time.

We have developed features, which on a website indicates that it is possible to experience a product as a 3D model in AR, and with the click of a button in a browser on a mobile phone or tablet, the model can be placed in the real environment in front of the phone camera.

webAR live traffic data augmented reality is created for augmented reality in smart cities and augmented reality in public transport as a smart transport. ar live train map data. ar live bus data. ar live airport data.

Benefits of webAR live traffic data augmented reality. smart transportation augmented reality.

* No app development and fee

* Real time visualised data

* No app download

* No CDN and it's cost

* Browser base works

* New tech

* Simpliest way of AR

* Easy access

* PR and Media 1st Value

augmented reality city app

Augmented reality technology offers tourists many benefits:

1- Helping tourists in the decision making process,

2- To provide less effort to find content,

3- It provides spatial indexality power. (reduces the need for information transmitted to users),

4 - it provides lower physical exertion and more security,

5- Provides information about invisible features,

6- It provides visual attention with direct attention.

The travel industry is all about producing special experiences, and with AR technology this is predicted to affect tourism quite positively. An up-to-date list of how Augmented Reality provides value for both end customers and the tourism industry.

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