augmented reality in tourism

AR and VR role in tourism

Augmented reality in tourism has a great potential to enhance travelers’ experiences. For many countries, tourism is one of the largest industries in their domestic economies.

If you ask which one is more useful for toursim? To be honest, our reply will be vr. Because virtual reality in toursim allows you more enriched reality before travel.

We also wrote a detailed article how augmented reality in toursim and smart cities will be combined. You can read it also.

Augmented Reality for Hotels and Accomodation

How ar will be implemented to accomodation, hotels and hospitality? Here are the answers :]

Advertising & information: Using AR to create all-around room tours with accommodation details, prices, etc. It is a good way to advertise your hotel and to engage guests to try out a full spectrum of hotel services. Also, turning one-time guests into regular guests, probably.

New ways to observe

Today’s tourists won’t pay attention to simple pamphlets. AR makes it possible to discover information on a new level – getting 3D animations from printed flyers. Marriott Hotels had collaborated with Blippar to produce such interactive ads in their magazine.

AR for Restaurants/Catering

* Interactive menus: menus with an interactive 360-view of each dish, correct portion size, and ingredients, as by AR.

Navigation help with special mobile apps using AR to provide information about restaurants, cafes and bars nearby

Tourism Marketing with Augmented Reality

Google Augmented Reality Search Results will be the best and easy part of this step. You can type the name of the city on google through on your smartphone. Symbol of the city will be on your hands or desk or wherever you want. You can check it from here.

If we focus on accessible travel information; all of the tourist agencies have tons of paper brochures and travel catalogs. Possibilities of AR with print media are virtually endless, as we’ve already been saying. Getting animated visualization would interest your customers much better. With AR marketing you can provide valuable information and help make the final decision quicker.

Augmented Reality in Museums

visitors can gain enriched informations about the art with ar.museums can create visual tour guides and exhibitions, bring non-existent objects to life, educate visitors in a memorable way, and fascinating people in general. Augmented Reality in tourism also presents other beneficial options. Augmented reality can help, as, in fact, every piece of art on display can become an augmented model.

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