augmented reality platforms spark, vuforia and webAR

augmented reality (ar) platforms

while brands transform their data for artificial intelligence, machinery and objects to adapt to digital transformation and innovation processes, they enable them to create products in the digital world with augmented reality technology.

now, we will take a closer look to the platforms.


Vuforia 7 can take every scene in the real world and find where the ground or flat surfaces like paintings are. in addition, objects can determine accuracy at a better rate than in the past. for example, he can recognize a particular car model on the street. a developer can launch an animation to play on top of this car in an augmented reality app. in this way, when you look at a car with your smartphone camera or AR glasses, you can learn details such as features and price.

more than 475 million Vuforia supported ar apps have been installed on vuforia, iOS and Google Play. the company that carries the title of being one of the leaders of augmented reality. Vuforia enables developing augmented reality applications using the Unity infrastructure.

Augmented Reality for Companies with Vuforia Engine

over a million developers have chosen Vuforia technology for improved computing, calibrated performance and cross-platform access. four features that bring this solution to the highest level of experience creation:

• Unrivaled precision

• Creative Empowerment

• Maximum reach

• Improved vision

unrivaled precision:

Vuforia Engine offers robust and accurate ar experiences in a variety of environments.

creative empowerment:

the technology offered by Vuforia Engineer allows developers to create free AR experiences for new or existing applications.

maximum reach:

it enables to work with its smart devices, phones, tablets and augmented reality glasses in harmony with its digital platforms.

improved vision:

Vuforia Engineer provides 3D models of images and dynamic recognition of objects.Vuforia Studio is a highly efficient and user-friendly tool that transforms data from IoT. It creates a comprehensive experience that allows users to create, present and use products through augmented reality in a smart connected world.

Vuforia Studio is the only code-free design creation environment that allows creators of industrial content:

• Development costs can be reduced, you can quickly create your designs without programming.

• The tools integrated into this solution enable you to obtain efficiency easily and quickly as it speeds up the time to create your design thanks to the interactive user interface components.

• Speeds up content creation using existing 3D CAD files and animated sequences.

• You can preview experiences and publish them with a single click.

• Helps you create custom styles and status-based designs for length and labels.

• You can expand your skills with built-in Javascript.

• Supported 3D file formats: Creo View .pvz, .step, .iges, .stl, obj, .vrml & DGN, SolidWorks, Filmbox, COLLADA, Autodesk Inventor.

User Vuforia Studio offers 3D richness and IoT augmented reality experiences (AR) with its touch feature. Thanks to this feature, it helps to increase efficiency and create better products without the risk of errors.

Vuforia Chalk; is an innovative business solution that allows its employees to effectively connect with their experts and to instruct them from a remote location using advanced enhanced reality technology. You can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your technical service from anywhere and at any time.

Vuforia Drawing and IoT and Augmented Reality is a digital solution environment designed to connect employees with their experts, saving time by providing them with clear instructions on the marked details and thus intervening in the right spot to solve the problem.

Vuforia Drawing is a helpful tool to take action on the right data used to support companies. The main features:

• Ease of Use.

• Advanced AR technology and high-definition video communication.

• Thanks to the Drawing Ability, the signs stay connected to the objects.

• Access to sensitive and multi-step instructions.

• Unlimited calls in your business.

• Easy access application.

• Compatibility with iOS and Android.

• Private business workgroups in a secure network in the cloud.

• Management and analysis of working groups.

• Unlimited calls in your business.

• Beginning of a single session.

• Administrative support.

Visualize your AR work with Vuforia View

Vuforia View is a solution that allows its users to access and share Augmented Reality (AR) experiences from their mobile phones, tablets and digital glasses. Vuforia View digitizes your products and supports your work with user interactions created from Vuforia Studio, a fast design environment with scalable Augmented Reality experiences.

Vuforia View provides you with the following user interactions:

Free download, Simple access through Google, Apple and Windows app stores.

Bridges between digital and physical:

In the context of the physical world, it provides digital interactions rich in 3D graphics.

Industrial IoT:

It easily displays real-time sensor data and data from other industrial IoT use cases.

Unified Viewer:

It allows to apply and use all experiences in mobile phones, tablets and digital glasses company-wide. In this context, it has a significant contribution to productivity.

Vuforia View is a solution that allows its users to access and share Augmented Reality (AR) experiences from their mobile phones, tablets and digital glasses. Vuforia View digitizes your products and supports your work with user interactions created from Vuforia Studio, a fast design environment with scalable Augmented Reality experiences.


Spark AR, on the other hand, is a software developed by Spark AR Studio to create augmented reality effects for Facebook and Instagram. Augmented reality basically means that 3D objects can be layered on our real life environment using smartphones, tablets or augmented reality glasses like Microsofts HoloLens or Google Glass. Most of the effects can be used on any face or environment using the front and back camera. While devices such as HoloLens or Google Glass intend to revolutionize areas such as medicine or engineering, Spark AR aims to make the augmented reality accessible through social media on our phones. Now Facebook allows everyone to use and offer AR effects on Facebook and Instagram for free! Kylie Jenner, for example, used Kylie Cosmetics' Instagram AR to promote her lipstick. Thanks to this filter, which is made up of millions of people, the brand has delivered and promoted its new product to many people at the same time, by offering everyone an opportunity to personalize and create its own content!

How and in what areas can you use SparkAR?

• Campaigns

• Product promotions

• Brand announcements

• Event participation

• Sponsorships