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360 degree campus tour. 360 video university campus content.

Virtual reality agency Nsocial, which has accomplished many successful works with many brands, came together in a project with Kadir Has University.

This year, Kadir Has University opens its doors to new students with a 360-degree promotional video. With the “A Day in KHas” project, he tells about being a KHaslı by transferring a day spent by a KHas student at school. The project aims to provide a 360-degree perspective to students who are curious about KHas during their preference period and to experience a day spent in KHas.

Perfect integration of a storytelling and how 360 videos used in university as a vr project. vr content was totally a storytelling based. a university student comes from another city, explains her university and advantages of the campus. within the scope of through the eyes of a student content, university and it's features are explained by their own student as 360 video.

In our 'One Day in KHas' project, we are telling about being a Khas student again by transferring a day spent by the students of Kadir Has University at the school.

how schools use virtual campus tour 360? how universities use virtual tour 360?

We believe that a student, whether they be from across the state, across the country, or on the other side of the world, deserves a chance to see firsthand what campuses look like before the apply or enroll in a school or university.

virtual campus tour service for students and institutions: all an institution needs to be on the platform is 360 degree video. for students, they can visit the university campus.

Private schools and universities compete with each other for the best students, so it’s not surprising that many would use a virtual tour to showcase the campus, classrooms, and other facilities. While parents and students could easily visit any given school or university, such individuals are typically very busy people who would naturally prefer to check out schools or universities online instead of having to visit campuses in person. virtual tours is a perfect tool to reach potential students for educational institutions. For sure, 360 video production is the must keypoint as a content.

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